The Tenth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning

eLmL 2018

March 25, 2018 to March 29, 2018 - Rome, Italy



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Jan 14, 2018


Jan 28, 2018

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eLmL 2018 - The Tenth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning

March 25, 2018 - March 29, 2018

eLmL 2018: Program

DigitalWorld 2018 - Preliminary Program

Conference Venue Location:

Via Amedeo Avogadro, 35
00146-Quartiere Marconi
  Phone: (39) 06 556 52 15
  Fax: (39) 06 559 32 63

Note: Sessions schedule comprises regular and special tracks. The final program might slightly vary according to the number of successful special tracks and the final registrations.

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Sunday, March 25


Registration starts
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13:00 - 15:00

Tutorial I

Diversity-aware Multilingual Lexical Semantic Resources Management
Dr. Abed Alhakim Freihat, University of Trento, Italy

15:00 - 15:15


15:15 - 17:15

Tutorial II

Passive Remotely Controlled SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves) Sensors and SAW RFID tags
Prof. Dr. Victor Plessky, GVR Trade SA, Switzerland

17:15 - 17:30


17:30 - 19:30

Tutorial III

Research on Smart Cities - Solving Problems of Urbanization
Prof. Dr. Lasse Berntzen, University College of Southeast Norway, Norway

19:30 - 20:30

Welcome Cocktail
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Monday, March 26

09:00 - 09:15

Opening Session

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speech

Audemes at Work: Exploring the Value of Semantic Sound in Education for the Blind

Prof. Dr. Steven Mannheimer, Indiana University, USA

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00


GEOProcessing 1



12:00 - 13:00

Lunch on your own

13:00 - 14:30


eLmL 1



14:30 - 14:45


14:45 - 16:15




eLmL 2 / TPoCP I

16:15 - 16:30

Coffee Break

16:30 - 18:00



eTELEMED Panel: Canada HealthCare

eLmL 3 / TPoCP II

18:00 - 18:10


18:10 - 18:40

Keynote Speech

Driving Access to Care: Canada’s Digital Health Strategy

Lynne Zucker, Vice-President of Clinical Systems Integration, Canada Health Infoway / Inforoute Santé du Canada, Toronto, Canada

18:40 - 20:30


Challenges on Accessibility to Digital Services

Lasse Berntzen, University College of Southeast Norway, Norway

Lynne Zucker, Vice-President of Clinical Systems Integration, Canada Health Infoway / Inforoute Santé du Canada, Toronto, Canada
Martijn Hartog, eSociety Institute of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands  
Lukas Smirek, Stuttgart Media University, Germany
Arian Rajh, Croatian Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices, Croatia
Jon Sanford, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


Tuesday, March 27

09:00 - 10:30





10:30 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:15

Panel on GEOProcessing/ALLSENSORS/ICDS

Quality of Data and Services: The Essences From Geo-computing, Society/Crowd Sensing, and Mobility/Service-related Sensing

Claus-Peter Rückemann, Leibniz Universität Hannover / Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster / North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN),  Germany

Yerach Doytsher, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Paulo E. Cruvinel, Embrapa Instrumentation, Brazil
Muhammad Haris, GIS Center, PUCIT University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Claus-Peter Rückemann, Leibniz Universität Hannover / Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster / North-German Supercomputing Alliance (HLRN),  Germany

12:15 - 13:15

Lunch on your own

13:15 - 14:45


GEOProcessing 2



14:45 - 14:50


14:50 - 16:20


GEOProcessing 3



16:20 - 16:35

Coffee Break

16:35 - 18:00

ACHI 7 / HUM-IND 4.0


eLmL 4 / TPoCP III


18:00 - 18:15


18:15 - 19:45


Trends and Challenges in using Micro and Nano-technologies for (all)Sensors

Sandrine Bernardini, Université d'Aix-Marseille, France

Almudena Rivadeneyra-Torres, Institute for Nanoelectronics, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Antonio Valente, INESC TEC, Portugal
Sandrine Bernardini, Université d'Aix-Marseille, France


Wednesday, March 28

09:00 - 10:30



eLmL 5


10:30 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:15





12:15 - 13:15

Lunch on your own

13:15 - 14:45


GEOProcessing 4



14:45 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:30


GEOProcessing 5

eLmL 6

ALLSENSORS 8 / AgrSensAppl

16:30 - 16:45

Coffee Break

16:45 - 18:15




eLmL 7

18:15 - 19:45

Panel on eLmL/eKNOW

Deep-Knowledge Integration: Automated Knowledge Production and Consumption in an Internet-of-Everything World

Roy Oberhauser, Aalen University, Germany

Michele Angelaccio, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
Joseph C. Kush, Duquesne University  - Pittsburgh, USA
Martijn Zoet, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Roy Oberhauser, Aalen University, Germany

20:00 : 23:30



Thursday, March 29

09:15 - 10:15

Keynote Speech

Sustainable Innovation in Health

Dr. Hans C. Ossebaard, Advisor Innovation and eHealth , National Health Care Institute - Diemen, The Netherlands

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00



eLmL 8


12:00 - 13:00

Lunch on your own

13:00 - 14:30





14:30 - 14:45

Coffee Break

14:45 - 16:15

eTELEMED 10/ mHealth-Gov


eLmL 9

GEOProcessing 6

16:15 - 17:00

Coffee and Closing Session

Friday, March 30

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Cupola of St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican Museums
Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica

Piazza Navona
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Trevi Fountain


Detailed Program


ACHI 2018, The Eleventh International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions

ACHI 1: Human-robot interaction
Session chair: Simon Attfield

Facilitating Robots at Home: A Framework for Understanding Robot Facilitation
Rebekka Soma, Vegard Dønnem Søyseth, Magnus Søyland, Trenton Schulz

Storytelling at School with a Robot Playmate
Patrizia Marti, Iolanda Iacono

This is Not You! Identity Crisis in the 21st Century
Andrea Gasparini

ACHI 2: Usability and universal accessibility
Session chair: Trenton Schulz

Translation of Sign Language Into Text Using Kinect for Windows v2
Preeti Amatya, Kateryna Sergieieva, Gerrit Meixner

Basic Study for a New Analysis Method of Biological Signals to Evaluate in Human Walking
Tatsuo Hisaoka, Naoki Hashimoto, Yusuke Kobayashi, Masaya Hori, Mayu Maeda, Hiroaki Inoue, Shunji Simizu

Fundamental Study for A Noise Reduction Method on Human Brain Activity Data of NIRS using AR Model
Toshiya Tsubota, Tomohiko Kuroiwa, Takuya Kiryu, Yu Kikuchi, Hiroaki Inoue, Fumikazu Miwakeichi, Shunji Shimizu

ACHI 3: Interfaces
Session chair: Toni Granollers

BrainSnake: Exploring Mode of Interaction in a Cooperative Multi-brain BCI Game Based on Alpha Activity
Marc van Almkerk, Lena Brandl, Rui Li, Pietro Romeo, Mannes Poel

Real-time Shape-based Sensory Substitution for Object Localization and Recognition
Hossein Pourghaemi, Torkan Gholamalizadeh, Ahmad Mhaish, Gökhan İnce, Damien Jade Duff

Programming in Natural Language: Building Algorithms from Human Descriptions
Alexander Wachtel, Felix Eurich, Walter F. Tichy

ACHI 4: User modeling and user focus
Session chair: Roger Tilley

Usability Evaluation with Heuristics, Beyond Nielsen’s List
Toni Granollers

What’s Hot in Interaction Design? An International Survey of Practitioners’ Views on Personas
Engie Bashir, Simon Attfield

Exploring the User Security Experience of Mobile Payment in China
Jiaxin Zhang, Yan Luximon

ACHI 5: Human-computer interaction in education and training
Session chair: Alexander Wachtel

Cyber Security Awareness Training Provided by the Competence Developing Game GHOST
Johannes Alexander König, Martin R. Wolf

Proposal and Evaluation of Kinect-based Physical Training System for Special Needs Education
Hiroki Matsuda, Hidemi Yamachi, Fumihiro Kumeno, Kotomi Shiota

Fiction Design of a 3D Tutor for and with School Children
Monica Landoni, Emiliana Murgia, Fabrizio Gramuglio, Giorgio Mnafredi

The User-Focused Storybuilding Framework for Competence Developing Games
Johannes Alexander König, Veronika Völker, Martin R. Wolf

ACHI 6: Interactive systems
Session chair: Veronika Völker

TeamAR – Generic Interface for Cooperation Using Augmented Reality
Dawid Pacholczyk, Mariusz Trzaska

Real-Time Recognition of Human Postures for Human-Robot Interaction
Zuhair Zafar, Rahul Venugopal, Karsten Berns

Smart Home Resource Management based on Multi-Agent System Modeling Combined with SVM Machine Learning for Prediction and Decision-Making
Kalthoum Zaouali, Mohamed Lassaad Ammari, Mhamed Tabka, Amine Choueib, Ridha Bouallegue

ACHI 7 / HUM-IND 4.0: Human-centred industrial technologies
Session chair: Steffen Gerhard Scholz

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Steffen Scholz

Numerical Approach to Simulation of Nanoprinting Processes
Tatyana Kudryashova, Sergey Polyakov, Vistoria Podryga

Workflow Representations for Human and Artificial Agent Collaborations
Christian Wögerer, Georg Weichhart, Andreas Pichler

MMAssist_II- A Lighthouse Project for Industrial Assistance
Christian Wögerer, Matthias Plasch, Manfred Tscheligi, Sebastian Egger_Lampl

Approaches to a Practical Implementation of Industry 4.0
Ahmed Elkaseer, Hazem Ali, Mahmoud Salama, Steffen Scholz

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Steffen Scholz

ACHI 8: Interface design and evaluation
Session chair: Hisayoshi Ito

How Can a User-Centered Design Bring Innovation in a Business Intelligence Platform?
Elodie Rival, Céline Mateev, Nicolas Maranzana

How do User Experience Experts Organize Their Knowledge of User Experience Criteria?
Josefina Isabel Gil Urrutia, Eric Brangier, Laurent Cessat

The Impact of Visual Aesthetic Quality on User Engagement during Gameplay
Uttam Kokil

ACHI 9: Social aspects of human-computer interaction
Session chair: Celine Mateev

Time Before Negative Emotions Occur While Waiting for a Reply in Text Messaging with Read Receipt Functionality
Shogo Kato, Yasuyuki Ozawa, Yuuki Kato

Perceived Usefulness of Features of Stickers in Text Messaging: Effects of Gender and Text-Messaging Dependency
Yuuki Kato, Shogo Kato, Yasuyuki Ozawa

Fear, Feedback, Familiarity… How are These Connected? – Can familiarity as a design concept applied to digital feedback reduce fear?
Diana Saplacan, Jo Herstad

ACHI 10: Principles, theories, and models
Session chair: Diana Saplacan

A Study on Visualization of User Reviews
Eric Yang

Moving with Style: Classifying Human and Robot Movement at Home
Trenton Schulz, Jo Herstad, Jim Torresen

Detection and Classification of RBCs and WBCs in Urine Analysis with Deep Network
Xingguo Zhang, Guoyue Chen, Kazuki Saruta, Yuki Terata

ACHI 11: Interaction devices
Session chair: Adrien Malaise

Line-Drawing Presentation Strategies with an Active-Wheel Mouse
Yoshihiko Nomura, Yoshiaki Kashino, Tokuhiro Sugiura

Depth Perception for Virtual Object Displayed in Optical See-Through HMD
Kazutake Uehira, Masahiro Suzuki

Classifying Daily Activities Regardless of Wearable Motion Sensor Orientation
Aras Yurtman, Billur Barshan

Extended Method to Alternate the Estimation of Global Purposes and Local Objectives in Multiple Human-Agent Interaction
Yoshimasa Ohmoto, Takashi Suyama, Toyoaki Nishida

ACHI 12: Human-centered industrial technologies
Session chair: Trenton Schulz

Picking Assistance System with MS-KINECT and Projection Mapping
Yuki Takehara, Yoshitoshi Murata, Takamichi Yoshikawa

User Centered Design of a Knowledge Management System for Production Workers
Gianni Campatelli, Sandro Mehic

Activity Recognition With Multiple Wearable Sensors for Industrial Applications
Adrien Malaisé, Pauline Maurice, Francis Colas, François Charpillet, Serena Ivaldi

Orientation and Mobility Skills Consideration for Visually Impaired Persons Based on Brain Activity
Hiroaki Inoue, Masaya Hori, Kobayashi Takuya, Takuya Kiryu, Yoshikazu Seki, Shunji Shimizu


ALLSENSORS 2018, The Third International Conference on Advances in Sensors, Actuators, Metering and Sensing

ALLSENSORS 1: Sensor types
Session chair: Mehmet Emre Erdem

A Contribution to the Measurement of Skin to Textile Friction
Lukas Pfarr, Bernhard Zagar

Ultra-Wide-Band SAW Sensors Based on Hyperbolically Frequency Modulated Signals
Victor Plessky, Aleksei Shimko, You Jen Cho

Temperature Dependence of Sensing Properties of GaAs-Based Transistors with Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Hydrogen-Sensitive Sensors
Hao Lo, Chieh Lo, Tzung-Min Tsai, Wen-Shiung Lour

Ionic Liquid Based Coulometric Trace Humidity Sensors
Marc Detjens, Carlo Tiebe, Ulrich Banach, Uwe Ritter

ALLSENSORS 2 / MOXSensApps I: Metal oxide sensors and their applications I
Session chair: Sandrine Bernardini

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Sandrine Bernardini

Design and Optimization of Gas Sensor Testing Chamber
Fatima Ezahra Annanouch, Nicolas Morati, Virginie Martini-Laithier, Tomas Fiorido, Khalifa Aguir, Gilles Bouchet, Pierre Perrier, Marc Bendahan

Cyclical Heating to Reduce Consumption of SnO2 Sensors for Alcohol Monitoring
Bruno Lawson, Virginie Martini-Laithier, Tomas Fiorido, Marc Bendahan, Rachid Bouchakour, Khalifa Aguir

Sub-ppm Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sensor Based on Inkjet Printed CuO on Microhotplate with a Pulsed Temperature Modulation
Aymen Sendi, Grégory Besnard, Philippe Menini, Chaabane Talhi, Frédéric Blanc, Bernard Franc, Myrtil Kahn, Katia Fajerwerg, Pierre Fau

ALLSENSORS 3 / ENT: Electronic noses and tongues
Session chair: Takeshi Onodera

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Takeshi Onodera

Development of Taste Sensor with High Selectivity and Sensitivity
Yusuke Tahara, Kiyoshi Toko

Array of Chemosensitive Resistors with Composites of Gas Chromatography (GC) Materials and Carbon Black for Detection and Recognition of VOCs: An Optimization Study
Bartosz Wyszynski, Rui Yatabe, Kiyoshi Toko, Atsuo Nakao, Masaya Nakatani, Akio Oki, Hiroaki Oka

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Takeshi Onodera

ALLSENSORS 4 / MOXSensApps II: Metal oxide sensors and their applications II
Session chair: Fatima Ezahra Annanouch

Ultra-Violet Assisted ZnO Nanocrystals for NO2 Sensing at Room Temperature
Sandrine Bernardini, Mohamed Hameda Benchekroun, Khalifa Aguir, Meriem Gaceur, Olivier Margeat, Jörg Ackermann, Christine Videlot-Ackermann

Humidity Impact Reduction on WO3 Gas Microsensor Response Using New Filters Based on Ionic Liquid
Alexandre Favard, Jean-Luc Seguin, Khalifa Aguir, Xueru Yan, Stéphane Anguille, Philippe Moulin, Marc Bendahan

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Sandrine Bernardini

ALLSENSORS 5: Sensor-related techniques and methods
Session chair: Claus-Peter Rückemann

Accuracy and Predictability Analysis of a Highly Sensitive Liquid Level Prediction Setup
Mehmet Emre Erdem

On the Design and Construction of Dual-Probe Heat-Pulse Soil Moisture Sensor: Towards an Industrial Solution
Antonio Valente, Arata Saraiva, Nuno Ferreira, Salviano Soares

ALLSENSORS 6: Sensor-system algorithms, protocols, communication and computation
Session chair: Antonio Valente

Analysis of Wireless and Internet Link Failure Effects on Open Loop Remote Control of Motors
Arpit Ainchwar, Jasmeet Singh Ladoiye, Dan Necsulescu

Indoor Navigation Control System for Visually Impaired People
Mohit Sain, Dan Necsulescu

Detection and Cancellation of Motion Artifact in fNIRS Device Using Kalman Filter and Discrete Fourier Transform
Kensuke Uesugi, Masafumi Hashimoto, Kazuhiko Takahashi

ALLSENSORS 7 / PFSENS: Printed and flexible sensor
Session chair: Almudena Rivadeneyra-Torres

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Almudena Rivadeneyra-Torres

Wireless Printed System for Humidity Monitoring
Jose F. Salmerón, Andreas Albrecht, Silmi Kaffah, Markus Becherer, Paolo Lugli, Almudena Rivadeneyra

Multi-Layer Printed Shear Force Sensor on Flexible Substrates
Andreas Albrecht, Mauriz Trautmann, Markus Becherer, Paolo Lugli, Almudena Rivadeneyra

Design and Simulation of Out-of-Plane Nanomaterial-Based Thermocouples
Aniello Falco, Paolo Lugli, Florin-Cristian Loghin, Almudena Rivadeneyra, Luca Larcher, Alessandro Bertacchini

Flexible Laser-Reduced Graphene Oxide Thermistor for Ubiquitous Electronics
Francisco J. Romero, Noel Rodriguez, Diego P. Morales, Francisco G. Ruiz, Encarnacion Castillo, Almudena Rivadeneyra

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Almudena Rivadeneyra-Torres

ALLSENSORS 8 / AgrSensAppl: Agricultural sensors and their applications
Session chair: Paulo Cruvinel

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Paulo E. Cruvinel

Sensor-Based on PbZrO3/PbTiO3 with La2O3 for Measuring the Absorbed Dose in Disinfection of Food Products by Electron Beam in the Agricultural Industry
Paulo Cruvinel

Scattering Parameters Measurements with the Microwave Transmittance Technique using a Microstrip Patch Antennas, as Non-invasive Tool for Determination of Soil Moisture.
Paulo Sergio de Paula Herrmann, Felipe Nieves Marques Porto, Viktor Sydoruk

Soft-Sensor Approach Based on Principal Components Analysis to Improve the Quality of the Application of Pesticides in Agricultural Pest Control
Elmer Alexis Gamboa Peñaloza, Vilma Alves Oliveira, Paulo Estevão Cruvinel

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Paulo E. Cruvinel

ALLSENSORS 9: Sensor technologies and materials
Session chair: Jian Lu

Design and Fabrication of a Solid-State pH Sensor Module - Considering Its Possible Applications
Lan Zhang, Jian Lu, Ryutaro Maeda, Hirofumi Nogami

Reduced Graphene Oxide-ZnO Nanotubes Based Binary Hybrid Structure as Room Temperature Ethanol Sensor
Partha Bhattacharyya, Debanjan Acharyya, Indranil Maity

Electromagnetic Metamaterial Based Sensor Design for Chemical Discrimination
Debasis Mitra, Tarakeswar Shaw

ALLSENSORS 10: Biosensors and bio-oriented electronics
Session chair: Lan Zhang

Mussel-inspired Universal Bioconjugation of Polydiacetylene Liposome Biosensors for detection of Plant Virus [POSTER]
Ho-Sup Jung, Do Hyun Kang, Young Hwan Son, Keesung Kim

Scale-down and Package of Wireless Sensor Nodes for Biotelemetry
Jian Lu, Lan Zhang, Sohei Matsumoto, Hiroshi Hiroshima, Ryutaro Maeda

Development of E. coli Detection Biosensor Using Analytical Techniques in a Passive Type Microfluidic Chip [PRESENTATION]
Üzeyir Doğan, Esin Nagihan Kasap, Ferah Çoğun, Ender Yıldırım, İsmail Hakkı Boyacı, Demet Çetin, Zekiye Suludere, Nusret Ertaş, Uğur Tamer

Electrochemical study of the activity of immobilized AChE on porous silicon: Application for voltammetry detection of Malathion at BDD electrod [PRESENTATION]
Khadidja Khaldi, Sabrina Sam, Noureddine Gabouze


eKNOW 2018, The Tenth International Conference on Information, Process, and Knowledge Management

eKNOW 1: Process analysis and modeling
Session chair: Amelie Metzmacher

What Do Sub-second Price Data Tell Us about the Arrowhead Stock Market ?
Mieko Tanaka-Yamawaki, Masanori Yamanaka

Control Metrics Evaluation Model for Business Processes using Process Mining
Rodrigo Alfonso García Oliva, Jesús Javier Santos Barrenechea, Jimmy Alexander Armas Aguirre, Santiago Aguirre Mayorga

Evaluation of Experimental Station Potentials in a Shared Facility: Focus on the Combined Use of Stations
Keiichi Shinbe, Kosuke Shinoda, Hirohiko Suwa, Satoshi Kurihara

eKNOW 2: Information management
Session chair: Mieko Tanaka-Yamawaki

The Effects of Social Capital on Individual Adaptation to New ICT
Kee-Young Kwahk

Connecting Source Code Changes with Reasons
Namita Dave, Renan Peixoto da Silva, David Drobesh, Pragya Upreti, William Erdly, Hazeline Asuncion

Possible Interpretation of Mass-in-Mind: A Case Study Using SCRABBLE
Suwanviwatana Kananat, Jean-Christophe Terrillon, Hiroyuki Iida

Everything Was Good! The Influence of Sentiment and Product Category on Aspect Choice in German Customer Reviews
Amelie I. Metzmacher, Verena Heinrichs, Björn Falk, Robert H. Schmitt

eKNOW 3 / DMKD: Data mining and knowledge discovery
Session chair: Samia Aitouche

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Samia Aitouche, Zermane Hanane

Discriminative Approach to Semi-Supervised Clustering
Marek Śmieja

Using Grice Maxims In Ranking Community Question Answers
Abed Alhakim Freihat, Mohammed R H Qwaider, Fausto Giunchiglia

Fuzzy Supervision of an Industrial Production Process by Extracting Experts Knwoledge
Hanane Zermane, Naima Zerari, Rachad Kasmi, Samia Aitouche

A Strategic Method for Steering a Photovoltaic Generator
Khyreddine Bouhafna, Mohamed Djamel Mouss, Samia Aitouche, Hanane Zermane

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Samia Aitouche, Zermane Hanane

eKNOW 4: Knowledge management systems
Session chair: Markus Grube

A Knowledge-based Approach to Enhance the Workforce Skills and Competences Within the Industry 4.0
Enrico Giacinto Caldarola, Gianfranco Emanuele Modoni, Marco Sacco

Visualizing the Landscape and Trend of Knowledge Management: 1974 to 2017
Li Zeng, Zili Li, Zhao Zhao, Yang Li

Towards an Integrated Knowledge Management System for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Field of Assembly System Engineering
Rainer Müller, Matthias Vette-Steinkamp, Leenhard Hörauf, Christoph Speicher, Johannes Obele

The Digital Diamond Framework: An Enterprise Architecture Framework for the Digital Age
Roy Oberhauser

eKNOW 5 / BRM: Business rules management
Session chair: Martijn Zoet

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Martijn Zoet, Koen Smit

A Governance Framework for (Semi) Automated Decision-Making
Koen Smit, Martijn Zoet

Solving Problems by Implementing a Business Rules Management System
Sam Leewis, Koen Smit, Martijn Zoet, Matthijs Berkhout

A Tool for Analyzing Business Rules Management Solution Implementations
Sam Leewis Digital Smart Services, Koen Smit Digital Smart Services, Martijn Zoet

A New Explorative Model to Assess the Financial Credit Risk Assessment
Eric Mantelaers, Martijn Zoet

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Martijn Zoet, Koen Smit

eKNOW 6: Decision support systems
Session chair: Johannes Obele

Multi-Clustering in Fast Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems [PRESENTATION]
Urszula Kużelewska

Empathy Factor Mining from Reader Comments of E-manga
Eisuke Ito, Yuya Honda, Sachio Hirokawa

Experiments to Verify How Robust the Collective Intelligence is When Summarizing Story Manga
Toshihiko Takeuchi, Yuuki Kato, Shogo Kato

eKNOW 7: Process and information management
Session chair: Urszula Kużelewska

The Impact of SAP on the Utilisation of Business Process Management (BPM) Maturity Models in ERP Projects
Markus Grube, Martin Wynn

Alignment-free Sequence Comparison based on NGS Short-reads Neighbor Search
Phanucheep Chotnithi, Atsuhiro Takasu

Ranking Subreddits by Classifier Indistinguishability in the Reddit Corpus
Faisal Alquaddoomi, Deborah Estrin


eLmL 2018, The Tenth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning

eLmL 1: Mobile learning, teaching, and training
Session chair: Mohammed Bahja

Effects of Multiple Viewing of Captions and Subtitles on English Proficiency
Yayoi Anzai, Kanji Akahori

Mobile Learning Model for Zimbabwe Higher Education
Lydia Maketo

Frequency of Sticker Use for Expressing Emotions in Text Messaging: Effects of Gender and Text-Messaging Dependency
Yasuyuki Ozawa, Yuuki Kato, Shogo Kato

The Potential of Support-Rich Environment for Teaching Meaningful Mathematics to Low-Achieving Students
Yifat Ben-David Kolikant, Orit Broza

eLmL 2 / TPoCP I: The pedagogy of computational thinking I
Session chair: Joseph Kush

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Joseph C. Kush

A Introduction Of Scratch And Programming Education
Ruimeng Racic

An Introduction to
Bria Koch

Determining Pedagogically Sound Methods of Teaching and Learning Computational Skills
Cheryl Tkacs

eLmL 3 / TPoCP II: The pedagogy of computational thinking II
Session chair: Joseph Kush

Hybrid Learning: A Summary of Current Models and Research
Stefanie Graban

A Review of the Importance of Computational Thinking in K-12
Katharine McClelland, Lori Grata

eLmL 4 / TPoCP III: The pedagogy of computational thinking III
Session chair: Joseph Kush

UnPlugged: Removing the Computer from Computational Thinking [PRESENTATION]
Brinley Kantorski

Teaching ESL and Instruction Design with Computational Thinking and Robot-Assisted Language Learning
Jianan Zhou

Conversation: Loose Parts - A Pathway from Play to Technology
Julia Williams, David Carbonara, Rose Mary Mautino

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Joseph C. Kush

eLmL 5: On-line learning
Session chair: Yayoi Anzai

Online Teaching in Higher Education: Engagement, Organization, and Mentoring for Student Success [DEMO]
Daniel Farr

Students' Perceptions of Social Media as a Means to Improve their Language Skills [PRESENTATION]
Bahia Braktia, Ana Marcela Montenegro Sanchez

eLmL 6: Learning-oriented technologies
Session chair: Cynthia Lester

Proposal for a Lesson Support System using Computer Virtualization Technology
Yuto Terao, Kenta Morita, Naoki Morita

Using Deep Learning Methods to Automate Collaborative Learning Process Coding Based on Multi-Dimensional Coding Scheme
Takahiro Kanayama, Kimihiko Ando, Chihiro Shibata, Taketoshi Inaba

A Model of Computational Thinking Pedagogy [POSTER]
Joseph Kush

Computational Thinking: When Does It Begin? [POSTER]
Julia Williams, Rose Mary Mautino, David Carbonara

eLmL 7: Hybrid learning
Session chair: David Carbonara

SmarTTeaching Pharmacology
Pieter van Wyk

Tracking Verb Phrases for Formative Feedback in Foreign Language Writing
Shuai Shao, Kazuhiro Ohtsuki, Hidenari Kiyomitsu, Min Kang

An Approach toward Automatic Error Detection in Learners’ English Writing Based on the Source Language
Koichi Kawamura, Harumi Kashiwagi, Min Kang

Best Practices in a Redesigned Online Computer Ethics Course
Cynthia Lester

eLmL 8: Tools and platforms
Session chair: Lori Grata

Educator-Oriented Tools for Managing the Attention-Aware Intelligent Classroom
Evropi Stefanidi, Maria Korozi, Asterios Leonidis, Maria Doulgeraki, Margherita Antona

Integrating Office 365 Into Your Curriculum: A Backward Design Professional Learning Course
Katharine McClelland

Applying Mixed Reality Techniques for the Visualization of Programs and Algorithms in a Programming Learning Environment
Santiago Sanchez Sobrino, Maria Angeles Garcia Marin, Maria del Carmen Lacave Rodero, Ana Isabel Molina Diaz, Carlos Gonzalez Morcillo, David Vallejo Fernandez, Miguel Angel Redondo Duque

eLmL 9: (Augmented) Virtual reality and adaptive eLearning
Session chair: Katharine McClelland

Developing, Understanding and Evaluating Augmented Reality Framework for Universities in Saudi Arabia
Muteeb Alahmari

Active-User-Driven Learning for Improving Safety@Work [PRESENTATION]
Michele Angelaccio, Ivan Del Mastro

A User-centric Design and Pedagogical-based Approach for Mobile Learning
Mohammed Bahja, Rawad Hammad


eTELEMED 2018, The Tenth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine

eTELEMED 1: Focus on patient records
Session chair: Niels Frederik Garmann-Johnsen

Overall Quality of Life and General Health - Changes Related to the Retirement Threshold
Agnieszka Bielinska, Mikolaj Majkowicz, Piotr Waz, Dorota Bielinska-Waz

Influence of the Education Level on Health of Elderly People
Agnieszka Bielinska, Mikolaj Majkowicz, Dorota Bielinska-Waz, Piotr Waz

eCare Tool for Person-Centred Care of People with Dementia in Nursing Homes
Pieter Kelber, Herwig De Smet, Michèle Van Rompaey, Birgit Kerstens, Peter Van Bogaert, Erik Franck

eTELEMED 2 / DACare: Driving access to care
Session chair: Bobby Gheorghiu

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Bobby Gheorghiu

Electronic Prescribing: Lessons Learned from International Sources [PRESENTATION]
Heman Choy

Access to Care for Disadvantaged Populations: Using Inexpensive Digital Interventions to Improve Clinical Outcome [PRESENTATION]
Allison Enjetti, Richard Lester

From Innovation to Healthcare Integration in Technology Enabled Person-Centred Care: Opportunities, Challenges, and Insights [PRESENTATION]
Kendall Ho

Connected Health and the Value of Integrated and Shareable Information [PRESENTATION]
Bobby Gheorghiu

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Bobby Gheorghiu

eTELEMED 3 / ICH I: Improving communication in healthcare I
Session chair: Yoshitoshi Murata

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Yoshitoshi Murata

Proposal of Field Oriented Event Messaging System
Yoshitoshi Murata, Rintaro Takahashi, Tomoki Yamato, Shohei Yoshida, Masahiko Okamura

Automated Assessment of Nonverbal Behavior of the Patient during Conversation with the Healthcare Worker Using a Remote Camera
Takashi Imabuchi, Oky Dicky Ardiansyah Prima, Hisayoshi Ito

eTELEMED 4 / ICH II: Improving communication in healthcare II
Session chair: Yoshitoshi Murata

Transition to Adult Care for Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus - Structured Support Aids for Adolescents and Young Patients in Morioka Area, Japa
Kazuma Takahashi, Akio Takahashi, Yasushi Ishigaki

A Study on Facial Expressions when Nursing Students Care for Patients
Natsuko Miura, Kazuma Takahashi, Yoshitoshi Murata

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Yoshitoshi Murata

eTELEMED 5: Personalized eHealth I
Session chair: Pieter Kelber

Identification of User Requirements for Assistive Technology for Support of Upper Limb Daily Life Interactions from Stroke and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients
Anne van Ommeren, Mario Iodice, Marion Main, Jacqueline Pitchforth, Franscesco Muntoni, Gerdienke Prange-Lasonder, Hans Rietman, Jaap Buurke

Correlational Analyses among Personality Traits, Emotional Responses and Behavioral States Using Physiological Data from Wearable Sensors
Cai Ruiying, Ao Guo, Jianhua Ma, Runhe Huang

Worklife Ergonomics in eHealth Co-Creation Governance
Niels Frederik Garmann-Johnsen, Migle Helmsersen, Tom Roar Eikebrokk

eTELEMED 6: eHealth information processing
Session chair: Anne van Ommeren

OPeN: Linking the National Adverse Reactions Database with Clinical IT Systems in Croatia
Arian Rajh, Dubravka Sudić, Katarina Gvozdanović

Interactive Data Exploration Supporting Elderly Care Planning
Harry Freitas da Cruz, Marie Gebhardt, Felix Becher, Matthieu-P. Schapranow

An Ontology for Specifying Regulation-Compliant Genetic Privacy Policies
Michael Reep, Bo Yu, Duminda Wijesekera, Paulo Costa

eTELEMED 7 / OBPA: Optical platforms for biomedical applications
Session chair: Giuseppe Quero

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Giuseppe Quero

Smart Needles for Epidural Space Identification [PRESENTATION]
B. Carotenuto, A. Micco, A. Ricciardi, A. Cutolo, A. Cusano, E. Amorizzo, M. Mercieri

Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Temperature Monitoring During Radio Frequency Thermal Ablation (RFTA) Treatment on Ex-vivo Organs
Giovanna Palumbo, Agostino Iadicicco, Stefania Campopiano, Paola Saccomandi, Daniele Tosi, Paolo Verze, Nicola Carlomagno, Vincenzo Tammaro, Juliet Ippolito, Elena De Vita, Carlo Massaroni, Emiliano Schena

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Giuseppe Quero

eTELEMED 8: Telemedicine/eHealth applications
Session chair: Lynne Zucker

Virtual Coach: Predict Physical Activity Using a Machine Learning Approach
Talko Dijkhuis, Johan Blok, Hugo Velthuijsen

Exploring the Use of Context-Awareness in Scheduling Methods to Approach the Patient Planning Problem
Conceição Granja, Terje Solvoll

Toward Robust Heart Failure Prediction Models Using Big Data Techniques
Heba Rammal, Ahmed Emam

eTELEMED 9: Personalized eHealth II
Session chair: Hans Ossebaard

An Expert System Framework for Lifestyle Counselling
Benedek Szakonyi, Tamás Lőrincz, Ágnes Lipovits, István Vassányi

Improving the Impact of Wearable Devices in Health Promotion and Wellbeing: the WEHMIX Project
Elena Como, Federico Lucca

Different Ways of Engaging the End-Users in mHealth Services
Yan Hu, Sara Eriksén, Cecilia Fagerström, Jenny Lundberg, Hanna Tuvesson, Lina Nilsson, Malin Hofflander

eTELEMED 10 / mHealth-Gov: Mobile health applications governance
Session chair: Shada Alsalamah

Introduction / Editorial [PRESENTATION]
Shada Abdullah AlSalamah, Hessah A. AlSalamah

Region-Based Bed Capacity mHealth Application for Emergency Medical Services: Saudi Arabia Case Study
Khulood Alghamdi, Shada Alsalamah, Ghada Al-Hudhud, Thamer Nouh, Ibrahim Alyahya, Sakher AlQahtani

An Enhanced Approach for the Prioritisation in Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Services Using Data Mining Techniques
Noura Alzeer, Hessah Alsalamah, Alaaeldin Hafez

RoboChain: A Secure Data-Sharing Framework for Human-Robot Interaction
Eduardo Castelló Ferrer, Ognjen (Oggi) Rudovic, Thomas Hardjono, Alexander ('Sandy') Pentland

So'rah: An Arabic Mobile Health Application for Saudi Dietary Evaluation
Abeer S. Al-Humaimeedy, Rahaf Almozaini, Lama Almansour, Kholoud Alaqeely, Ahlam Almutairi, Abeer Alolayan

Open Discussion and Closing Remarks [DISCUSSION]
Shada Abdullah AlSalamah, Hessah A. AlSalamah

eTELEMED Panel: Canada HealthCare

The Role and Value of Digital Health in Improving Access to Care for Consumers

Bobby Gheorghiu, Evaluation Services, Canada Health Infoway/ Inforoute Santé du Canada, Canada
Heman Choy, Consultant, Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), Canada
Allison Enjetti, Research Manager, University of British Columbia, Canada
Kendall Ho, University of British Columbia, Canada
Lynne Zucker, Clinical Systems Integration, Canada Health Infoway / Inforoute Santé du Canada, Toronto, Canada


GEOProcessing 2018, The Tenth International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services

GEOProcessing 1: Trends of urban-geo
Session chair: Martin Hoppen

Geographic Decision Making in Urban Management - A SOLAP Tool for the Analysis and the Management of Public Lighting in the City of Oran
Ahmed Saidi, Mohamed Fayçal Khelfi, Abdellah Mebrek, Abdelhak Trache

Cultural Metro at Rome A Sustainable Transportation Example Extending Public Transportation System in Rome
Michele Angelaccio, Lucia Zappitelli

Analyzing Spatio-Temporal Effects of Social-Economic Factors on Crime
Sebastian Baumbach, Nikita Sharma, Sheraz Ahmed, Andreas Dengel

GEOProcessing 2: Managing geo-spatial data
Session chair: Sebastian Baumbach

GeoCubes Finland - A Unified Approach for Managing Multi-resolution Raster Geodata in a National Geospatial Research Infrastructure
Lassi Lehto, Jaakko Kähkönen, Juha Oksanen, Tapani Sarjakoski

Coupling an Unstructured NoSQL Database with a Geographic Information System
Amandine Holemans, Jean-Paul Kasprzyk, Jean-Paul Donnay

ClusterWIS - A Decentralized Forest Information and Management System for the Cluster Forestry and Wood
Jürgen Roßmann, Michael Schluse, Martin Hoppen, Gregor Nägele, Tobias Marquardt, Christoph Averdung, Werner Poschenrieder, Fabian Schwaiger

GEOProcessing 3: Specific geo-data processing
Session chair: Yerach Doytsher

Assessing and Evaluating Standard Compliance with a State and Local Government GIS Metadata Profile in Large Geospatial Databases
Timothy Mulrooney

Methodology of Knowledge Mapping for Arbitrary Objects and Entities: Knowledge Mining Knowledge Mining and Spatial Representations - Objects in Multi-dimensional Context
Claus-Peter Rückemann

Using Geo Tweets to Define Tribal Boundaries within the United States [PRESENTATION]
Regina Ryan

GEOProcessing 4: GIS
Session chair: Timothy Mulrooney

Using Smart A* Algorithm to Solve TSP Navigation Problem
Hatem Halaoui

A Spatial Decision Support System for Waste Management in Municipal Society of Lahore City
Muhammad Haris, Beenish Fatima

National Geoinformation System Development in the Republic of Uzbekistan
Muzaffar Djalalov

GEOProcessing 5: Geo-spatial domain applications
Session chair: Ville Mäkinen

Motion Planning in 3D Environments Using Visibility Velocity Obstacles
Oren Gal, Yerach Doytsher

Smart Port Usecase with Panama Canal - Geospatial Complex Event Processing with Oracle Stream Analytics [PRESENTATION]
Hoyong Park, Santosh Kumar

A Case Study for a Multitemporal Segmentation Approach in Optical Remote Sensing Images
Wanderson Costa, Leila Fonseca, Thales Korting, Margareth Simões, Patrick Kuchler

GEOProcessing 6: Trends on big geo-data
Session chair: Aymen Sendi

An Approach for Assessing Array DBMSs for Geospatial Raster Data
Janne Kovanen, Ville Mäkinen, Tapani Sarjakoski

Towards Modelling Privacy Risks in Geo-Social Networks
Alia Abdelmoty


ICDS 2018, The Twelfth International Conference on Digital Society and eGovernments

ICDS 1: eGovernment services in the context of digital society
Session chair: Ichiro Satoh

Mobile and User-friendly Two-Factor Authentication for Electronic Government Services Using German Electronic Identity Card and a NFC-enabled Smartphone
Prof. Dr. Michael Massoth

Smart Cities, Big Data and Smart Decision-making - Understanding "Big Data" in Smart City Applications
Lasse Berntzen, Marius Rohde Johannessen, Rania El-Gazzar

Preconditions for the Structural Deployment of (Digital) Technology for Healthcare in a Participatory Society: Validation of methodological and practical challenges
Martijn Hartog, Bert Mulder

e-Government Development [PRESENTATION]
Zəka Muradov, Azad Jafarli

From BPMN To BPEL: BusinessProcess Model Transformations Software Tool [PRESENTATION]
Khoutir Bouchbout

ICDS 2: Trends in IT related governmental/public services
Session chair: Azad Jafarli

IoT Digital Enterprise Platform based on Cloud Metering and Big Data Services
Kalthoum Zaouali, Mohamed Lassaad Ammari, Amine Choueib, Ridha Bouallegue

Carbon Emission Trading for Community Contribution
Ichiro Satoh

Citizen -centric Smart City Planning for Africa: A Qualitative Case Study of Early Stage Co-creation of a Namibian Smart Community
Virpi Oksman, Mika Raunio

A methodology based on Model-Driven Engineering for IoT Application Development
Claudia Maricela Sosa-Reyna, Edgar Tello-Leal, David Lara-Alabazares, Jonathan Alfonso Mata-Torres, Esmeralda Lopez-Garza

ICDS 3: Networking and communications
Session chair: Martijn Hartog

Denial of Service Attack in Wireless LAN
Tauseef Jamal, Pedro Amaral, Asifullah Khan, Aneela Zameer, Kiramat Ullah, Shariq Aziz Butt

Flow Table Congestion in Software Defined Networks
Tauseef Jamal, Pedro Amaral, Khurrum Abbas

Secure Communication System for Emergency Services in Network Congestion Scenarios
Alexandra Rivero-García, Iván Santos-González, Candelaria Hernández-Goya, Pino Caballero-Gil

Secure Indoor Positioning System Based on Inertial Measurements for Low Cost Devices
Iván Santos-González, Alexandra Rivero-García, Pino Caballero-Gil, Jezabel Molina-Gil

ICDS 4: eCommerce and eBusiness
Session chair: Lasse Berntzen

Dilemmas of Branding for Start-ups ; The Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital Era
Amirhossein Roshanzamir

Towards a Secured Authentication Based on an Online Double Serial Adaptive Mechanism of Users' Keystroke Dynamics
Abir Mhenni, Estelle Cherrier, Christophe Rosenberger, Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara


SMART ACCESSIBILITY 2018, The Third International Conference on Universal Accessibility in the Internet of Things and Smart Environments

SMART ACCESSIBILITY 1: Accessibility devices and applications
Session chair: Steve Mannheimer

Audio Guided Driving for People with Blindness with Seated Self-balancing Personal Transporters
Andreas Hub, Jutta Cook

Haptic Guided Driving with Seated Self-balancing Personal Transporters for People with Deafblindness
Andreas Hub, Jutta Cook

Trusted Mobile Zone Solution Based on Virtualization Technology
GeonLyang Kim, JeongNyeo Kim

SMART ACCESSIBILITY 2 / UDT: Universal design and technology for successful aging with disability
Session chair: Jon Sanford

Utility of a Mobile Route Planning App for People Aging with Disability
Jon A. Sanford, Subhrajit Guhathakurta, Sarah Melgen, Ge Zhang

Successful Aging with Disability: The Symbiotics of Universal Design and Technology [PRESENTATION]
Jon Sanford

A Qualitative Approach to Understanding User Needs for Aging with Disability
Elena T. Remillard, Tracy L. Mitzner, Jenny L. Singleton, Wendy A. Rogers

Design Criteria to Advance Technologies for the Aging Population
Claudia Rebola

Universally Designed mHealth App for Individuals Aging with Multiple Sclerosis
Ljilja Ruzic, Harshal P. Mahajan, Jon A. Sanford

SMART ACCESSIBILITY 3: Accessibility and digital inclusion
Session chair: Birgit Gersbeck-Schierholz

Effects of Advanced Driver Assistance System for Elderly’s Safe Transportation
Ryosuke Ando, Yasuhiro Mimura, Yasuhide Nishihori, Jia Yang

The Role of the Internet and Technology in the Wellbeing of People with Physical Disabilities
Alexandra Young, Tom Dening, Chris Greenhalgh

TELEPROM-G: A Study Evaluating Access and Care Delivery of Telehealth Services among Community-Based Seniors with Depressive Symptoms
Cheryl Forchuk, Akshya Vasudev, Amer Burhan, Puneet Seth, Tony O’Regan

SAMIoT – Middleware based on IoT for Irrigation Planning on Large-scale Crops
Hugo Ordonez, Jose Luis Rivas, Juliana Sanchez, Javier Carbonell, Edgar HIncapie, Armando Ordóñez

SMART ACCESSIBILITY 4: Assistive applications in Internet of Things scenarios
Session chair: Ryosuke Ando

Experimental Study on Riding Skill for Using Standing Type Vehicles
Naohisa Hashimoto, Jyeon Kim, Kohji Tomita, Simon Thompson, Yusuke Takinami, Osamu Matsumoto

Towards Smart Public Transport Data
Paloma Cáceres García de Marina, Almudena Sierra Alonso, Belén Vela Sánchez, José María Cavero Barca, Carlos Enrique Cuesta Quintero

Monitoring a Grid of Sensors by Performance Metrics for Internet of Things Applications
Carolina Del-Valle-Soto, Carlos Mex-Perera, Jafet Rodriguez