Workgroup Meeting, June 19th, 2009 - Athens/Glyfada, Greece
17:00 - 18:00

Attendance: 21


No special presentation on security in the WG was scheduled

However, there were two general special events presented at NetWare 2010:

One Tutorial

Using the AMBER Data Repository to Analyze, Share and Cross-exploit Dependability Data
Marco Vieira and Henrique Madeira

One Keynote Speech

Industrial Challenges in Working with Events
Petre Dini

See SECURWARE 2009 Program.


  • There were discussions on enlarging the dissemination of SECURWARE
  • Help is expected from all the committee members for a careful dissemination, avoiding spamming
  • The promotion of young researchers was appreciated; more work to be done offline with volunteers
  • It was an open call to suggest regular refresh to the topics under the Call on SECURWARE
  • There were logistics discussions on:
    • Registration fees / the structure of the fees was disclosed and discussed. On the one hand, we don’t want to create ‘student category’ with limited benefits when attending.
    • There was a suggestion to include (even higher registration fees) the lunch; there are definitively a few issues, mainly, on (i) special diets, (ii) those who do not attend, and (iii) those who attend only partially. Logistically speaking, this put an extra work, with limited benefits.
    • However, the idea of “dinner-together” is more feasible and it will be implemented from the next events. Enrollment will be daily, and a travel agency might help to identity the best places.

There were also technical discussions on better structuring SECURWARE 2010:

  • The current main tracks are covering the basis
  • There were less than expected submission on MALWA, MISUSE, CRYPTO, CYBET-Threat, and FORENSIC; either having these three topics as a stand alone, or prepare a better dissemination of the Call for Papers among the specialized communities.
  • Special satellite events (aka, workshop) might be perceived as of lower quality with respect to a conference (some disagreed).

Please have a look at the SECURWARE 2010 site
Suggestions are welcome at

The procedure of invitation-only for extended versions of selected papers among those presented for on-line IARIA journals, with no additional fees, was appreciated.

There were discussions to have these journals rather twice a year, not quarterly, as they are now, with the declared purpose of offering more time to the authors for preparing an extended version of a paper.


  • Try to better handle the reviews (having openly posted, eventually anonymous will incite the authors to be more careful when submitting and the reviewers to pay more attention).  There were pros and cons to provide clear reviews on disclosed titles and authors. The issue will be brought to the Board.
  • Clearly, the technical program committee must be tuned to reflect new topics and assure a fair peer-to-peer review process.  


  • The option to publish in an open digital library was discussed; this will allow having all the proceedings of the co-located events on the same CD Proceedings, and full free access to any publication. Apparently there is a consensus that publishing in an archived form is more beneficial than publishing in a privately owned portal, including IEEE Xplore or ACM Portal. On the other side, university administration might have different rules for evaluation.
  • Referring to classification rules:
    • The attempts to classify scientific events have no an accurate basis
    • Different countries are listening to different rules
    • Apparently, the most important is to have the events indexed (ISI, EI, etc.
  • The only caveat is that the computer scientists’ community is not yet used to it, as the scientists in physics or mathematics.
  • This issue will be carried further on to the IARIA Board for careful attention.

Next steps:

  • Develop the new topics via off-line exchanges
  • Extend invitations for SECURWARE committee membership
  • Identify particular lists for candidate contributors. 


  • Announce the new topics with the CfP for SECURWARE 2010
  • Location: yet to be defined, most probably, Venice (Italy)
  • SECURWARE 2010 will be organized under NetWare 2010, most probably in July 2010

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