Workgroup Meeting, February 3rd, 2009 - Cancun, Mexico
17:30 - 19:20

Attendance: 23


  • According to the program, two exciting special presentations were exposed by Paul Grant and Weimin Chen.
  • The presentations are posted at
  • Excellent discussions around these special invited presentations.
  • There were discussions on enlarging the ICQNM specific topics related to superconductivity; work to be done offline with volunteers.
  • Offers: Alain Tapp /quantum/, Paul Grant /superconductivity/, William Parket /quantum holography + materials/, Victor Ovchinnikov /materials/, Vladimir Privman /materials/
  • Please have a look at:
  • Suggestions are welcome /to
  • The procedure of invitation-only for extended versions of selected papers among those presented for on-line IARIA journals, with no additional fees, was appreciated.
  • The Poster session QNM-oriented was well received.


  • One suggestion was to enrich the “material + nano”-oriented topics 
  • One idea was to separate Q from NM; thought at the Q/nano level there is an intimacy, and, most probably, QNM will go ahead together
  • Definitively, the technical program committee must be tuned to reflect new topics and assure a fair peer-to-peer review process.

Next steps:

  • Develop the new topics via off-line exchanges
  • Extend invitations to committee membership

ICQNM 2010:

  • Announce the new topics with the CfP for ICQNM 2010
  • Location: yet to be defined, most probably in Caribbean area, February-March 2010
  • Under Digital World 2010

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