Workgroup Meeting, April 23rd, 2009 - Valencia, Spain
17:30 - 19:00 - ad-hoc meeting

Attendance: 5

Scope: next INTENSIVE 2010

The common program of the events at InfoSys 2009 is  posted at

Special for INTENSIVE

One Keynote-dedicated speech
The presentations are posted at

e-Infrastructures for Compute and Date Intensive Applications
by Wolfgang Gentzsch

The discussion had two flavors:

  1. (i) quick ‘retro’ analysis
  2. (ii) how to reorganize the topics
  • The submissions were not too abundant
  • The name was a little ‘vague’, so adding ‘resource intensive’ clarifies it better, under the understanding that everything is a ‘resource’, including time, space, speed, processing, etc.

The Call for Papers for INTENSIVE 2010 is posted at

The procedure of invitation-only for extended versions of selected papers among those presented for on-line IARIA journals, with no additional fees, was appreciated.


  • It was question of reshaping the topics.
  • Michael C. Jaeger is working with IARIA logistics to tune the Call for Papers.
  • Any input is appreciated.
    Suggestions are welcome to

Next steps:

  • Develop the new topics via off-line exchanges
  • Extend invitations for Advisory Board
  • Extend invitations to committee membership



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