Dr. Zhijie Xu

Professor Zhijie Xu’s research in the visual and immersive computing fields cover subareas in conjunction with signal processing, computer vision, visualisation technologies, and knowledge engineering; and its impact in a range of application arenas including engineering practices, social security, and business intelligence. It is concerned with the theoretical foundations and processes of acquiring, filtering, validating, understanding and managing knowledge generated from data, text, image, video and other multimedia and sensorial channels.

His main research outputs can be divided into 3 tiers, firstly, the work has been focusing on devising new algorithms for the acquisition, storage, and processing of image and video data; secondly, the development of computational acceleration technologies, especially through the cost-effective and parallel hardware-based techniques; and thirdly, immersive, interactive and intelligent knowledge management and visualisation.

Professor Xu’s work has been delivering strong impacts to business, industry, and society. He has published over one hundred peer-reviewed journal and conference papers as well as edited 5 books in the relevant fields. He has supervised a dozen PhD students to completion and winning many research and enterprise grants. He is a member of the IEEE, BCS, and a fellow of HEA, as well as serving as an editor, reviewer and chair for a number of prestigious academic journals and international conferences.