Dr. Yingzhen Qu

Dr. Yingzhen Qu is a Senior Research Scientist at the Future Network Department in Huawei USA.

Dr. Qu has been working in the networking field for more than 15 years. She joined Huawei in 2017, and currently is working on next generation network architectures and protocols. The team has multiple projects regarding future networks, such as Next Generation Protocol Architectures with ETSI that investigates enhancements to TCP/IP protocol suite, Deterministic IP services at IETF etc.

Prior to joining Huawei, Dr. Qu worked at Cisco Systems for 10 years, with the focus on networking technologies and routing protocols, such as Segment Routing, Network Programmability, VxLan.

Dr. Qu has been an active IETF contributor with multiple drafts. She is the secretary of RTGWG and LSR working group, also a member of Routing Area Directorates.

Dr. Qu received her PhD from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Oklahoma, USA.