Prof. Dr. Yerach Doytsher

Prof. Dr. Yerach Doytsher graduated from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Civil Engineering, received a M.Sc. and D.Sc. in Geodetic Engineering also from Technion. Until 1995 he was involved in geodetic and mapping projects and consultations within the private and public sectors in Israel and abroad. Since 1996 he is a faculty staff member in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion, and served, inter alia, as head of the Mapping and Geo-Information Engineering Department and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. He heads the Geodesy and Mapping Research Center at the Technion, is the Chair of FIG (International Federation of Surveyors) Commission 3 on Spatial Information Management for the term 2011-2014, and is the President of the Association of Licensed Surveyors in Israel.

His activity and research is focused on the fields of geodesy, cadastre, cartography, photogrammetry, computerized mapping and GIS. Over the years he has published some 300 papers in international professional peer-reviewed journals, papers included in proceedings of professional conferences and research reports, and participated in over 100 professional conferences (most overseas) at which he delivered close to 150 lectures. He advised more than 60 M.Sc., Ph.D. and postdoctoral students (about 1/3 of these are Ph.D. students) in various fields of his specialization.

He is a IARIA Fellow.