Dr. Victor Ovchinnikov

Dr. Victor Ovchinnikov graduated from the Vladimir State University (USSR) in 1979 with degree in electrical engineering. He has been dealing with adaptive systems and computer technique from the very beginning of his scientific work. In 1987 he obtained his Ph.D. degree in microelectronics from the Moscow Aviation Institute. After his return to Vladimir State University, he was employed as Associate Professor. He taught courses in design and fabrication of microelectronics.

From 1997 until present day he has been serving as a Senior Research Scientist at the Microelectronics Centre of Aalto University in Finland. He is also a lector of the course “Microfabrication”. He has successfully led Finnish Academia funded research projects. He is an author of 80 scientific papers published in journals and conference proceedings and 5 USSR patents. He has been invited as co-chair and member of the Technical Committee of IARIA conferences since 2007.

His research interests focus on finding the efficient methods of microfabrication and include ion-beam etching of nanostructures, self-assembling of nanoparticles and preparation of plasmonics nanostructures for metamaterial and SERS applications.

See: http://www.iaria.org/fellows/VictorOvchinnikov.pdf