Prof. Dr. Ulrike Hammerschall

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Hammerschall studied Computer Science at the Technische Universität (TUM) München, Germany. After obtaining her degree in 1999, she worked for three years in a software company in Munich as software developer and architect. In 2003 she went back to University for her Ph.D. She participated in the development of the V-Modell XT, a process model for IT System development of the Federal Republic of Germany, and supported several companies and organisations with their process improvement activities (process analysis, process definition and enactment). After finishing her Ph.D. in 2007 she went to Spain and worked there for a SaaS- company as a quality manager. Since 2009 she holds a chair in Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Her research interests are focussed on process modelling, process improvement and the early phases in the software development (requirements engineering, software architecture). She published three books and was co-author of several publications on process improvement.