Dr. Thorsten Gressling

In the mid-nineties Dr. Gressling implemented a first machine learning system at the University of Kiel, Germany. With a doctorate in chemistry and computer science he became 1997 a consultant. He worked for many years for Banking and Finance in Frankfurt (Dresdner Bank), New York (Kleinwort Benson) and Hong Kong. From 2004 he was head of business intelligence at a pharma company in Berlin. The quantum leap in the development of Deep Learning led him to found a start-up in 2016 on implementation of neural networks for material science. With joining ARS GmbH in Munich (Germany) last year he is forming the division Cognitive Computing and A.I. With participation in IBM Watson Challenge and implementations in the of cognitive systems to wet-laboratories he in one of the leaders in the intersection of chemistry and pharma to IBM Watson.