Stephen Clyde

Stephen Clyde is an associate professor in the CS Dept. at USU and an entrepreneur, with over 42 years of experience in the software industry.  His current research interests at USU are in distributed systems, communication-protocol design, data and application integration, aspect orientation, testing, and test-data creation.  Some of his major contributions include the research and implementation of a variety of software-engineering frameworks, include ones for distributed applications, integrated systems, communication-aware aspects, and transaction-aware aspects.  He has also pioneered the formalization of an extensive and expressive object-oriented modeling and several of software-engineering methods.  He is heavily involved in the development and evolution of the undergraduate curriculum in the CS Dept. at USU and heads up an industry advisory board.  He currently teaches classes in software engineering, distributed systems development, object orientation, design patterns, and user interface design.

As an entrepreneur, he has co-founded seven software companies and has been either the chief architecture or lead developer for numerous commercial applications in health care, education, transportation, finance, construction, e-commerce, manufacturing, and business operations.  Stephen is currently serving as Chief Technical Officer and Managing Member for three LLC’s: Multidimensional Software Creations, Snapp Studios, and Moneo Systems.

Even though Stephen loves creating software system, conducting research, teaching, and being involved in industry, his family is his real joy.  He and his wife have seven children and thirteen grandchildren.