Dr. Steffen G. Scholz

Dr.-Ing. Steffen G. Scholz has more than 15 years of R&D experience in the field of process optimisation, precision engineering and micro and nano advanced manufacturing. He is an expert in algorithm design and development for micro replication processes. He studied mechanical engineering with special focus on plastic processing and micro injection moulding. He obtained his degree as a diploma engineer from the Rheinisch-Westfaelisch-Technical-University of Aachen (RWTH). He was working at the Institute of Plastics processing at RHTW-Aachen (IKV) as research assistant and his research was focusing on variothermal injection moulding for replication of micro and nano structured functional surfaces and components. He obtained his PhD from Cardiff University in the field of process monitoring and optimization in micro injection moulding. As a senior research fellow Dr. Scholz was leading a team in micro tool making and micro replication at Cardiff University. Dr. Scholz joined the Karlsruhe institute of Technology (KIT) in 2012 as a research manager and head of the knowledge management, process optimisation and additive manufacturing division. He has numerous publications in the field of micro replication and process optimization; he is keynote and invited speaker in numerous international conferences.