Dr. Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos is currently the Williams Professor in Telecommunications Networking at the Telecommunications systems graduate program of the University of Oklahoma. Formerly and for 22 years he was with Bell Laboratories where he defined, led and managed research and development teams in the areas of DWDM optical networks, SONET and ATM, Cross-connect, Switching, Transmission and Access systems and components. For his contributions, he has received the company’s President’s Award and several awards of Excellence.

He holds numerous patents in communications networks, systems and components and he has published widely. He is the author of reference books particularly important in advanced fiber optic communications titled “Optical Bit Error Rate”,  “Next Generation SONET/SDH”, “DWDM: Networks, Systems and Components”, “Introduction to DWDM Technology”, “Fault Detectability in DWDM“, “Understanding SONET/SDH and ATM”, “Understanding Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic”, and he has also contributed chapters to other books.

He has been an IEEE and a Lucent Technologies Distinguished Lecturer, has lectured at international conferences, Universities and at NASA, has moderated executive forums and has organized workshops and sessions at major international communications conferences. For the last six years, Stamatios has taught optical networks, SONET/SDH and DWDM technology at a postgraduate level as well as at international conferences, seminars, continuing education.

Dr Kartalopoulos serves his second term as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Press, he is a member of IEEE PSPB, past-chair of ComSoc Emerging Technologies and SPCE Technical Committees, member at large of IEEE NTDC committee, and VP of IEEE NNC (currently, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society).