Dr. Sorin Georgescu

Born in Romania, Dr. Georgescu obtained his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science in 1984 from the Politehnica University of Bucharest. After graduation, he worked as Research Engineer and then as Senior Scientific Researcher at the Computer Research Institute in Bucharest where he concentrated primarily on the research of Artificial Neural Networks architectures for moving objects recognition. In 1990, he joined the Department of Computer Science of Politehnica University of Bucharest as Assistant Professor and later as Lecturer Professor, teaching courses on Artificial Neural Networks, Data Protocols and Programming Languages. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in 1997 from Politehnica University of Bucharest, with the thesis entitled "Parallel Architectures for Information Processing based on Neural Networks". His research focused on the hybrid Neural Network - Hidden Markov Models (NN-HMM) architectures for Dynamic Pattern Recognition. A special interest was given to the Fuzzy ARTMAP network due to its real-time training characteristics. Dr. Georgescu performed research in collaboration with the Speech Recognition Group from Centre de Recherche Informatique in Montreal, and with Locus Dialogue, a start-up company focused on research and design activities for Multi-Speaker Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Applications. He has published several articles on Static/Dynamic Pattern Recognition using Neural Networks, as well as on hybrid NN-HMM Architectures for Speech Recognition.

Starting 1998, Dr. Georgescu joined Ericsson Research Canada where he performs, as Senior Systems Manager, research and standardisation work in IMS Service Layer area. His research has been focused on the architectures for Multimodal Interaction and Payment Brokerage in IMS networks. Dr. Georgescu is also active in IMS Convergence area. He has led the joint Cisco-Ericsson technical investigation on a Converged MultiService Cable Architecture and is Ericsson's Rapporteur in PacketCable 2.0 standardisation body. He has also performed system/network level investigations within Ericsson IMS Messaging program. Dr. Georgescu interests for future work are the IMS Multimodal Interaction, the IMS Service Layer Architecture and in particular the IMS-SOA Architecture, the 3GPP-Cable-Broadband Convergence and the NGN Security and Charging Framework.


Summary of Publication List

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