Prof. Dr. Sigram Schindler

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sigram Schindler was born in Lodz (Poland) in 1936, German nationality since '39, Resident of Germany since '45.  Since 1972: Professor and since 1974 full professor of operating systems, later also of communication systems, in the Department of Information Sciences at the TUB – after several calls from other universities. Since 2001: Emeritus of TUB, indispensable at the retirement age.

Business Career: In 1983, foundation of TELES GmbH with shareholder's equity of DM 50 thousand and focus on development, manufacturing and distribution of telecommunications and security technologies and systems. In1996, transformation of TELES GmbH to TELES AG at annual revenues of DM 22 million. In 1998, IPO of TELES AG at annual revenues of DM 100 million, majority shareholder and CEO. In 2005, TELES sold 100% subsidiary STRATO for more than 130 M€. In 2009, foundation of TELES Patent Rights International GmbH.