Prof. Dr. Sergey Y. Yurish

Sergey Y. Yurish is a R&D director and co-owner of Excelera, S. L. (Barcelona, Spain), president of International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) and editor-in-chief of Sensors & Transducers journal and IFSA Newsletter. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the National University Lviv Polytechnic (UA) in 1985 and 1997 respectively. He has published more than 160 articles and papers in peer reviewed journals and international conferences, workshops and symposiums; hold nine patents. He is an author and co-author of 6 books, including ‘Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for Smart Sensors’, ‘Smart Sensors and MEMS', 'Smart Sensor Systems', ‘Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems: Practical Design’ and 'Modern Sensors, Transducers and Sensor Networks'. Dr. Yurish has contributed to numerous advanced engineering training courses in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.

In 2003 he was a codirector of NATO Advanced Study Institute on Smart Sensors and MEMS in Portugal. Dr. Yurish has leaded many research projects in sensors and instrumentation related areas. Current research activities are related to digital and smart system integration, and sensors signal conditioning and interfacing. Dr. Sergey Y. Yurish is an IARIA Fellow 2010.