Dr. Olga Dmitrievna Chernavskaya

Olga Dmitrievna Chernavskaya, Ph.D., is a theoretical physicist. She has graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University in 1980. Since 1981, she worked in the Physical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI). She is known for her works in the field of ultrahigh-energy physics, participated in experiments on accelerators SPS, LHC (Geneva) and RHIC (USA).

Since 2009, she has been working in the field of cognitive process modeling; she proposed and developed the original Natural-Constructive Approach (NCA) for modeling an artificial cognitive system. Since 2012 she is a Member of Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architecture (BICA) Association, member of the Organizing Committee of BICA conference. She is engaged in COGNITIVE-oriented IARIA conferences and is Chairing the Special Track EMACOS (Emotions in Artificial Cognitive Systems), at COGNITIVE 2017.

Dr. Chernavskaya is with Lebeved Physical Institute – Moscow, Russia.