Prof. Dr. Nader F. Mir

Prof. Dr. Nader F. Mir is currently a Professor, and served as the Associate Chairman, at the Electrical Engineering Department of San Jose State University, California. He is also the Director of a networking MSE Program for Lockheed-Martin Space Systems Corporation. He is also an expert in intellectual property development and a consultant for patent litigation cases in the areas of communications, telecommunications and computer networks both in protocol and hardware levels. Prior to his current position, he was an associate professor at his current school, and assistant professor at University of Kentucky in Lexington. From 1994 to 1996, he was a research scientist at the Advanced Telecommunications Institute, Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey working on design of advanced telecommunication networks. From 1990 to 1994 he was with the Computer and Communications Research Center at Washington University in St. Louis and worked as a research assistant on design and analysis of high-speed switching systems project. From 1985 to 1988, he was with Telecommunication Research & Development Center (TRDC), Surrey, and as a telecommunications system research & development engineer participated in design of a high-speed digital telephone Private Branch Exchange" (PBX), and received the best “design/idea” award.

Professor Mir is internationally known through his research, journal editorial positions, and his books in the areas of: Analysis of Computer Communication Networks, Internet Applications of Voice over IP and Multimedia Networks, Design and Analysis of Networking Devices and High-Speed Routers, Wireless and Mobile Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks, Applications of Integrated Circuits in Computer Communications. He is a senior member of the IEEE and has served as the member of technical program committee and steering committee for a number of major IEEE communications and networking conferences such as WCNC, GLOBECOM, and ICC and IASTED.  He has several journal editorial positions such as: the Editor of Journal of Computing and Information Technology, a Guest Editor for Computer Networking at CIT Journal (in 2008),  the Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions ( in 2005), and the technical Editor of IEEE Communication Magazine (since 2005). He was granted a successful U.S. Patent in 2006, claiming an invention related to hardware/protocol for use in high-speed computer communication networks.  Dr. Mir has received a number of prestigious national and university awards and research grants.  He is also the recipient of a university teaching recognition award and a research excellence award. He is also the recipient of a number of outstanding presentation awards from leading international conferences. He is especially the recipient of several Outstanding Tutorial Presentation awards.

Dr. Mir has published two successful books, one of which is a world-wide adopted university text-book entitledComputer & Communication Networks” published by Prentice Hall Publishing Co.  He has also published numerous refereed technical journal and conference papers all in the field of communications and networking. He received the B.Sc. degree (with honors) in electrical engineering in 1985, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees both in electrical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, in 1990 and 1995 respectively.