Dr. Luis Marco-Ruiz

Luis Marco-Ruiz, PhD, is a data engineer who focuses his work on the adoption of information standards and terminologies for clinical data reuse. He holds a MSc in Applied Statistics and a PhD in Health Science. Since 2007 Dr. Marco-Ruiz has participated as a developer, advisor, and researcher in private- and public-funded projects in Norway, Germany, the UK, and Spain. In 2013 he joined the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research where he works in the development of national data reuse infrastructures and advises the Norwegian health authorities on the adoption of clinical information standards and biomedical ontologies. In addition, he works as a semantic interoperability specialist at the Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics (Hannover Medical School) developing a cross-institutional data reuse network for the HiGHmed consortium, which involves the Hannover Medical School, Heidelberg University Hospital, and University Medical Center Göttingen, among others.