Dr. Jui-Hsin(Larry) Lai

Dr. Jui-Hsin(Larry) Lai leads a team of research engineers focusing on AI+ Remote Sensing projects within the Research Lab of Ping An Technology in Silicon Valley, USA. He collaborates with research scientists to advance the state of the art, and with product groups to bring cutting-edge technology to Ping An's business. He has been working on image super-resolution, haze-removal for satellite imagery, crop/ground object recognition, natural disaster analysis, and crop yield forecast for remote sensing analytics.

Dr. Jui-Hsin(Larry) Lai received his PhD degree in EE&CS Department from National Taiwan University, in 2011. He has been working on computer vision challenges since his PhD study and deployed the innovations to various applications, like analytics in remote sensing, recommendation system in e-commerce, and real-time computation on mobile devices. He has published 27+ IEEE/ACM papers in computer vision topics and received 33+ US patents.

You are welcome to visit Larry’s webpage to see his research demos http://www.larry-lai.com