Jon Geater

Jon Geater is the Chief Technology Officer for Thales e-Security, a global leader in hardware-enforced data protection, information security and cryptography. He is responsible for managing and developing the technology that, among other things, helps to secure 19 of the world’s 20 largest banks and many of the world’s largest technology companies. Prior to this role in Thales Jon was also founder and CTO of Trustonic, the Trusted Execution Environment company, and also held senior technology roles in ARM and nCipher.

In more than 15 years in the industry Jon has designed and build protection systems for financial institutions, utilities, the mobile industry, automotive companies, government departments and more, complementing deep technical knowledge with a broad insight into the complex problems of information technology security at large scale. He is also a keen supporter of standards, being a founder of the OASIS KMIP group, former Board Director and Task Force chair at Global Platform and contributor to bodies, such as EMVCO, PCI, CCUF and W3C.