Dr. John K. Wu

Dr. Wu works actively on several topics in data management, data analysis, and high-performance computing. His algorithmic research work includes statistical methods for feature extraction, indexing techniques for searching large datasets, and matrix-based techniques for machine learning and scientific computing.

He has authored and coauthored more than 200 technical publications, 17 of which have more than 100 citations each.

He is the developer of a number of software packages, including,  FasTensor, IDEALEM, FastBit and TRLan. Among them, the FastBit indexing software won R&D 100 Award, and is used by many organizations. For example, a German bioinformatics company uses FastBit to accelerate their molecular docking software by hundreds of times, and an US Internet company uses it to sift through terabytes of
advertisement related data daily.  A FastBit paper was counted among the 40 major works funded by DOE Office of Science, as a part of its 40th Anniversary celebration in 2018.