Dr. Jan Ole Berndt


- Agent-Based Social Simulation
- Computational Social Science
- Adaptive Coordination of Distributed Systems
- Social Self-Organization in Multiagent Systems

Since 2008, Jan Ole Berndt has been working on the development and application of agent technology in logistics and social simulation. Starting from formal descriptions of dynamic environments, he has focused on interaction and autonomous coordination of intelligent software agents. From the beginning he has been inspired by social phenomena for developing technical solutions to complex distributed problems. For his PhD, he created a self-organisation method for multi-agent systems based on social systems theory and applied it to a real-world dispatch task in container logistics. As a senior researcher, his focus has moved even more toward the social. Now, he applies his background knowledge in social theory as well as agent technology to develop more expressive agent-based social simulation models in various interdisciplinary cooperations. In this context, his research interests revolve around simulation methodology, agent architectures, and applications in social media analysis, psychological experimentation, as well as group dynamics.


Co-responsible for the projects 

- AdaptPRO - Adaptive Process and Role Design in Organizations (funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the Priority Program “Intentional Forgetting in Organisations”)
- eXplore! - Computer-Based Modeling, Analysis, and Exploration in eHumanities (funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF))

More than 30 publications and talks on social simulation, agent technology, and autonomous control in logistics (cf. https://www.uni-trier.de/index.php?id=58465 for a comprehensive list)

Book “Self-Organising Multiagent Negotiations” short text:

This book introduces social self-organization to multiagent negotiations; e.g., for modern “Industry 4.0” applications. It connects sociological theory with reinforcement learning and formalizes a novel coordination approach. Key concepts are analytically assessed and the performance is tested in a simulation. In addition, the book demonstrates how to apply Self-Organizing Multiagent Negotiations to a real-world logistics problem. 

LECTURES (Since 2009, some of them multiple times)

- Agent-based Modeling (2x)
- Multiagent Systems (2x)
- Simulation and Management
- Business Process Management
- Distributed Artificial Intelligence
- Information Systems in Logistics (3x)


17 Bachelor and Master theses
6 student projects


2003 – 2009                                Diploma – Computer Science
                                                    University of Bremen
                                                    Prof. Dr. Otthein Herzog


2015                                            Graduation / Doctorate
                                                    Computer Science (summa cum laude)
                                                    University of Bremen
                                                    Prof. Dr. Otthein Herzog


Since 2016                                 Senior Researcher
Department IV, Research Group on Business Informatics, Trier University

2015                                           Software Developer
Neusta Software Development GmbH, Bremen

2009-2015                                  Research Assistant / Doctoral Candidate
Artificial Intelligence Research Group, University of Bremen

2009-2010, 2011, 2014               Teaching Assistant
                                                    Artificial Intelligence Research Group, University of Bremen

2009-2012                                   Scholarship
International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics, University of Bremen


Dr.-Ing. Jan Ole Berndt
Wirtschaftsinformatik I, Fachbereich IV, Universität Trier
Business Informatics I, Faculty IV, University of Trier
Behringstrasse 21, D-54296 Trier, Germany
Phone: +49 651 201-2825 
Web: wi1.uni-trier.de