Dr. Iztok Savnik

Dr. Iztok Savnik is a Docent at Faculty of mathematics, natural sciences and information technologies, University of Primorska, Slovenia. He is teaching the courses in the areas of database systems, knowledge bases and programming languages. Dr. Savnik has collaborated in a number of research and industrial projects with the national Institute "Jozef Stefan". His research work included the design and implementation of a data model and a database system for CAD applications, the system FDEP (www.cs.bris.ac.uk/~flach/fdep/) for discovering the database dependencies from relational databases, the knowledge discovery system (dbis.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/FormerProjects/Forst/) for dating tree-ring time series, the design of a data structure for storing sets of sets (osebje.famnit.upr.si/~savnik/qios/set2-lib/) and, the XML-based Internet query processing system Qios (osebje.famnit.upr.si/~savnik/qios/).

Dr. Savnik was working on the research and development of various industrial information systems. His work included the design of database architecture for the SI2000 digital telephone exchange system, the design of database systems for computer-supported production control applications, the design and prototype implementation of a business application server provider, and the design and implementation of the information system for the Academic Research Network (ARNES), Slovenia.
From 2013 dr. Savnik works together with Kiyoshi Nitta, Yahoo Japan Research, on the development of a large-scale distributed graph database system big3store (github.com/yahoojapan/big3store). The main topics of the research are: the dataflow based query execution system, the method for the computation of the triple-store statistics, the method for the triple-store distribution based on the conceptual schema, and, the distributed storage manager of a triple-store