Dr. Iosif Androulidakis

Dr. Iosif I. Androulidakis is Head of the Telephony Department in the Network Operations Center of the University of Ioannina, Greece where he has worked as a PBX Administrator since 1998. This network is one of the biggest private networks in Greece consisting of 13 PBXs (Private Branch Exchanges), 3500 subscribers and 210 central office lines.

He has an active presence in the ICT security field having authored more than 20 relative papers and having presented more than 45 relative talks and lectures in international conferences and seminars in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovenia, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic and Serbia.

His research interests focus on security issues in PBXs (private telephony exchanges) where he has more than 15 years of experience, as well as in mobile phones and embedded systems. Recent collaborations include Greek PTT’s Security & Fraud Control Division, the Greek Fiscal and Economic Investigation Service, the Greek Police, the European Public Law Center, the Southeastern Europe Telecommunications & Informatics Research Institute, the Media and private security consulting firms. He was also awarded a patent from Greek Patent Office for an innovative OMR system.

Mr Androulidakis holds a BSc in Physics and a PhD and an MSc in Electronics for which he was awarded the Greek State’s Scholarships Foundation outstanding performance prize. He has also attended a wealth of seminars, conferences and meetings regarding ICT technologies from companies and institutes such as Alcatel, Cisco, Intracom, Bell Labs, Symbian, Sun Microsystems, MD5, Encode, KPMG, AIT, GRNET, NCSR-Demokritos, FORTH, Onassis Foundation and others.

He is a member of IEEE (Technical Committee on Security & Privacy) and ACM (Special Interest Group on Security Audit & Control) and has acted as a reviewer in many conferences and as a chairman in two sessions. Finally, he is a certified ISO9001:2000 quality systems auditor as well as a certified auditor and consultant for ISO27001:2005 Information Security Management Systems.