Dr. Halgeir Holthe

Dr. Halgeir Holthe has since 2002 in particular worked with peer competence and user involvement as an integral part of e-health resources. Patients’ rights and the participatory democracy are at the heart of his interests. His work at the Norwegian centre for e-health research (NSE) comprises qualitative and quantitative methods for early identification of patients´ needs and priorities, as well as project evaluation more generally. Principles of universal design in the construction of e-health services is of central concern in his research.

Holthe is aiming at a comprehensive understanding of the user/helper-relation as a basis for the planning and implementation of e-health resources.

He is a Msc from the UiT/The Arctic University Of Norway in 1981. In the 80`s he worked as a teacher at the level of secondary school, high school, and college.

In the 90`s, Holthe worked as a lecturer at UiT, and wrote his doctoral dissertation delivered in 2001. The thesis deals with disablement as a social phenomenon. He has worked at NSE since 2002. Holthe is the author of 3 books, among them “The UN convention in practise: on the implementation of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in Germany, Norway and Russia” in 2014.

Holthe has long experience as a leader in the Norwegian voluntary sector since 1995.