Dr. Guadalupe Ortiz

Dr Guadalupe Ortiz is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, at the University of Cadiz. She has participated continuously as a researcher in national research projects and actions since 2002 and as Lead Researcher in several national and local projects. Additionally, she has published numerous peer-reviewed papers in international journals, workshops, and conferences. She has been a member of various programme and organization committees of scientific workshops and conferences over the last years and acts as a reviewer for several journals. Her research interests were born embracing aspect-oriented techniques to improve Web service development in various fields, with an emphasis on model-driven extra-functional properties and quality of service, as well as service context-awareness and their adaptation to mobile devices. Currently, her research focuses on trending topics such as the integration of complex-event processing in service-oriented architectures and facilitating context-awareness in the scope of Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Ambient Assisted Living.

Prof. Ortiz is an IARIA Fellow, nominated in 2009: https://www.iaria.org/fellows.html