Francisc Zavoda graduated from Bucharest Polytechnic Institute in 1979 and got his MASc degree in Electrical Engineering in 1995 from École Polytechnique de Montréal. Francisc Zavoda is a senior research engineer, member of the Electrical Equipment department of Hydro-Quebec`s Research Institute. This department is responsible for research and development on distribution equipment maintenance, Power Quality, Smart Grid, etc.

After graduating, he started working for ISPE Bucharest, a consulting company for Romanian Power Department. In 1990, he joined Siemens Canada Power Department, participating in the project of a diesel power plant. He’s with Hydro-Quebec`s Research Institute, as a research engineer, since 1995. Member of the PQ team, he participated in the development of the Power Quality Measurement Protocol and a power quality analyzer. He was responsible as well for a susceptibility survey project, a harmonic contribution discrimination project, a DA data acquisition project and participated to a power quality predictive maintenance project (PQPM). He is presently in charge of or participates to projects related to PQ, Smart Grid and Advanced Distribution Automation (ADA) program.