Dr. Dumitru Dan Burdescu

Dr. Dumitru Dan Burdescu is a professor at Craiova University in Romania. He is currently the Head of Software Engineering Department and the Director of Research Centre – Multimedia Application Development – which was authorized by The National University Research Council, Romanian Education Minister. For the ten last years, his research has focused on the Algorithms Theory, Multimedia Databases and Information Retrieval Algorithms with applications on e-Learning and multimedia domains.

Dr. Burdescu received his diploma in engineering from University of Craiova, Faculty of Automation and Computers and diploma in mathematics from University of Craiova, Faculty of Mathematics. His thesis work focused on control by computers of industrial processes. Since then he has worked both as an academic and as a computer professional. During his professional career, he has written eight monographs (in Romanian) and three book chapters in textbooks on computer science domains. His current research interests include design of algorithms for visual information retrieval and tools for Learner Adviser Service on e-Learning platforms.

He has been involved in several research projects on national and international level, and authored or co-authored several journals articles. He was a track chair and session chair at several conferences, author and co-author of several conference papers and articles. He also is a program committee member and reviewer for some of the most important conferences within his field of research. He is General Chair at Multimedia – Applications and Processing Symposium (MMAP), and Advisory Chair at The International Conference on Advances in Multimedia, (MMEDIA).

He is currently senior member of IEEE – Computer Society, member of Romanian Society of Automation and Technical Informatics, member of Association of Computing Machinery and fellow of The Institution of Analysts and Programmers.