Dr. Cristian Anghel

Dr. Cristian Anghel obtained the M.Sc. title in 2004 at Politehnica University of Bucharest for "Mobile and Optic Fiber Communications" and the Ph.D. title in 2009 at Politehnica University of Bucharest for "Contributions to the implementation of MIMO channel-based communications systems".
He is part of Telecommunications Department since 2003, being involved in Digital Signal Processing and Wireless Communications Systems research projects. Hardware description language for FPGAs is also a topic of interest for Cristian Anghel.

After 7 years spent at Redline Communications and more than 4 years already dedicated to Pentalog, acting along the time as VHDL programmer, System Senior Engineer, Technical Leader, Physical Layer Team Leader, Customer Support Product Manager and Project Director, Cristian Anghel has the privilege to remain connected to the latest Wireless Telecommunications technologies.