Dr. Charlotte Sennersten

Dr. Charlotte Sennersten is a Computer Scientist and Cognitive Scientist by background. Longer back in time she studied Space Engineering for a couple of years in Northern Sweden.

Today she lives in Australia and is working as a Team Leader at The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) which has approx. 5000 employees at different sites in Australia and is divided into 9 so-called business units. The Business Units are subject specific domains such as Mineral Resources, where she currently works and Data61 where she worked before. CSIRO’s additional Business Units are Agriculture & Food, Land & Water, Ocean & Atmosphere, Astronomy, Energy, Health & Biosecurity, and Manufacturing.

She has over the last six years worked with, questioned and supervised cognitive models and AI (Artifical Intelligence) in relation to robotics/bots, i.e., UAVs in virtual/augmented/underground mining context, competitive sport (Squash), Sonar/Lidar/Photogrammetry for real world feeds during operation, human pattern recognition/knowledge in relation to machine learning, etc.