Prof. Dr. Carla Merkle Westphall

Dr. Carla Merkle Westphall is Associate Professor (since 2007) in the Department of Informatics and Statistics at the Federal University of Santa Catarina – Brazil. She acts as a security researcher of the Network and Management Laboratory.  She is also advisor of PhD and Master students in the Graduate Program in Computer Science at Federal University of Santa Catarina. She is leader of a project that deals with privacy in identity management for cloud environments, funded by the Brazilian Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (FINEP), under the Brazilian National Research Network in Security and Cryptography project (RENASIC) and conducted at the virtual laboratory of secure implementations (LATIM) in the Networks and Management laboratory (LRG).

She received a Doctor degree in the subject of Information Security in 2000. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in 1994 and a M.Sc. degree in 1996, both in Computer Science at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. The main topics of her research are distributed systems security, identity management, cloud computing, network security and access control.

She is a committee member of the Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computational Systems Security (SBSEG). Acts as a reviewer in some security journals. Since 2011 she is joining IARIA SECURWARE Conference as a committee member and is Editorial Board Member (since 2012) of the IARIA International Journal on Advances in Security.