Burjiz Pithawala

Burjiz Pithawala is a recognized technology and business leader in IP Network Systems & Technologies. Burjiz has built many embedded system networking products from hardware to software and has been at the forefront of developing many of the Internet routing and switching protocols that are deployed in the current Internet. Burjiz is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) author and patent holder for many of the technologies from routing, switching, predictive/proactive management to Cloud and SaaS.  Some of the technologies Burjiz has pioneered are Performance Routing, Border Gateway Protocol features, Fast Reroute technology, Bi-directional Forwarding Detection, Overlay networking aka DMVPN/VXLAN and Packet Gateway. Burjiz has also built the largest predictive/proactive network monitoring/operations system used by Service Providers and Enterprise customers across the world. Before joining Huawei, Burjiz was General Manager of a Cloud/SaaS engineering startup that specialized in developing Evolved Packet Core (EPC) as a Cloud/SaaS offering to MVNO along with NFV EPC for Tier1 Global Service Providers.

As VP/CTO of Huawei Systems, Burjiz’s interests include leading the architecture and development of the next generation Internet that facilitates a new set of demanding applications like Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Fog/Edge Computing, IoT analytics and 5G Mobility.

Burjiz holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Louisiana State University, USA and a General Management Program Degree from Harvard Business School, USA.