Bill Eklow

Bill Eklow has been a test engineer for over 35 years.  Bill worked at Fairchild, Tandem and Cisco Systems before retiring in June.  In his previous roles, Bill worked with design engineers, component suppliers, board and system integrators and test engineers to identify and implement processes and tools, which improved the “end-to-end” (supplier to customer) quality of Cisco’s products. Bill was a Cisco, Distinguished Engineer.  He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Golden Core member and Eta Kappa Nu member.  Bill has successfully chaired 2 IEEE Working groups, was a “founding member of the IEEE 1687 working group and is currently a member of the IEEE P1838 working group for 3D-SIC testing.  He has presented at several test conferences, and runs his own IEEE Board Test Workshop in September.  He has published several papers at multiple forums.  He has also contributed to two books and an article on 1149.6 in IEEE Design and Test.  Among Bill’s hobbies are:  golf, dining at 3 star restaurants and visiting Starbucks coffee shops all over the world.