Dr. António Luis Jesus Teixeira

Dr. Antonio Teixeira, got his PhD from University of Aveiro in 1999, partly developed at the University of Rochester. He holds an EC in management and leadership from MIT Sloan School. He has been a professor at the University of Aveiro from 1999, being actually Associate professor with “Agregação”. He has worked from 2009-13 in Nokia Siemens Networks and in Coriant (2013/14) as a standardization expert in the field of optical access (In FSAN, ITU-T, IEEE 802.3). From 2014, he is the Dean of the University of Aveiro Doctoral School managing 48 PhD programs and 1300 students. He has published more than 350 papers (more than 100 in journals), has edited a book and contributed to several other. Holds 8 patents, and tutored successfully more than 60 MsC’s and 14 PhD’s, having participated in more than 35 projects (national, European and international). In 2014 he co-founded PICadvanced Lda, a startup focused on providing solutions based on optical assemblies targeting biotech and optical networking (including access networks). He has served the ECOC TPC from 2008-15 in the SC for subsystems, having chaired it in 2010/11/15. He has served the access subcommittee in OFC from 2011-14, and has been General Chair of ICTON 09, Networks 2014. He is a Senior Member of OSA and a member of IEEE and IEEE standards association.