Prof. Dr. Anthony Glascock

Dr. Glascock is Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Culture and Communication at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA where he has also served as Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs, Dean of Arts and Sciences and Head of the Department of Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. He was the first behavioral scientist to be awarded Drexel University’s Research Award as the University’s outstanding researcher. Before coming to Drexel he was Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming where he was also Director of the Program in Aging and Human Development. He received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh and his BA in Political Science from Williams College.

Dr. Glascock’s research on the means of improving the quality of life for at-risk older people led to his developing, patenting and commercializing a behavioral/lifestyle monitoring system which he sold to General Electric in 2009. His interest in the interface of technology and health provision grew out of extensive research on home health care he conducted over the last two decades in Ireland, Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands and the United States funded by the National Institute of Aging, the National Science Foundation, and the World Health Organization, as well as with funds from corporate and private sources. He has also conducted ethnographic research in Somalia, supported by the World Bank and USAID, and in Kenya.

Dr. Glascock has published over 75 articles and book chapters and has given more than 50 invited keynote speeches, talks and presentations at national and international meetings, corporate events and before government entities on his research on aging and the relationship between care and well-being. His two most recent books A Conflicted View of Telehomecare After a 20 Year Journey and Essential Lessons for the Success of Telehomecare: Why It’s not Plug and Play were published in 2012 by IOS Press in the Netherlands. The focus of articles published in the last year is on the barriers hindering the introduction of new technologies to be used in the delivery of health care information.

He is currently consulting on the use of technology to provide care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and extensive and persistent mental illness. In addition, he is advising a major medical center on how to overcome social and cultural barriers to the effective flow of digital medical information through their extensive health system. In the last year he has shared his expertise on the process by which technology can be used more effectively to increase the well-being of the elderly with the Ontario Telehomecare network and a large telemedicine project in Mexico City, as well as serving as a Member, Executive Planning Committee for The Sixth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine in Barcelona, Spain and a Member of the Organizing Committee for the 2014 Healthy and Active Aging Conference in Suzhou, China. He is also advising individuals in the United Kingdom in their attempt to create a company focused on the use of innovative information technology in health care delivery.

Advisor, Consultant, Lecturer, Educator
Technology, Informatics and Health Care Delivery