Dr. Andreas Hausotter

Dr. Andreas Hausotter is a professor for distributed information systems and database systems at the University for Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover, Germany, Department of Business Information Systems.

Before that, he worked for HAAS CONSULT as a systems engineer and product manager for traffic guidance systems, where he developed a scheduling system for on-demand public transport services.

Previously he was a systems engineer and group manager SNA Communications for NIXDORF COMPUTER, Paderborn.

After graduation he started his career with KRUPP ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, Bremen, as a systems analyst and systems programmer in the area of real time processing.

In 1978 he received his PhD in pure mathematics at Kiel University, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

In 1996 he was appointed professor of operating systems, networking and database systems at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

From the beginning he was involved in several research projects in cooperation with industry partners. During his research semester he developed a Java EE / EJB application framework. Based on this framework a web-based simulation software for securities trading was implemented by his research group to train the apprentices of the industry partner.

In 2005, the Competence Center IT & Management (CC_ITM) was founded by colleagues from the departments of Computer Science and Business Information Systems in cooperation with industry partners (e.g. financial institutes, insurance companies). Different ambitious research projects have since than been carried out in the context of service-computing, microservices, cloud computing, business process management, and business rules management.

With publications, workshops and talks in the aforementioned areas he is a contributor to conferences (IARIA, IEEE), as well as editor and co-author of reference books on business information systems and computer science.

Area of specialization: Service computing, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Java EE, Web services, distributed information systems, database systems, XML databases, business process management, business rules management.