Dr. Aida Omerovic

Dr. Aida Omerovic has been research scientist at SINTEF since 2011. She received PhD in Computer Science from University of Oslo in 2012 and MSc in Engineering Cybernetics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2002. Her current research is on the topic of model-based decision support, particularly quality-risk-cost trade-offs, quality analysis, security risk management and monitoring. Dr. Omerovic is also inventor of the PREDIQT method for model-based prediction of system quality, which has been widely published and applied in industrial contexts. From 1998-2007 she gained six years of industrial experience with ICT related topics in various domains (higher education sector, oil and gas, metallurgy, telecom and administration), including 4.5 years as scientist and project manager in UNINETT FAS and the overall as system developer for consultancies in Norway. From 2007-2011 she was PhD fellow in computer science at University of Oslo and part-time researcher at SINTEF. She has published a textbook on quality monitoring, as well as articles in conferences and journals in several software engineering areas. She has also served in committees for numerous international events and journals. Her main research interests include: prediction of system quality, risk management, modeling and analysis of system architecture, software change management, metrics, measurements, information and system security, software integration, middleware and monitoring.