Doctoral Forum provides an opportunity for Ph.D. students to discuss and receive feedback on their thesis research from peers and senior practitioners in the field. The Doctoral Forum will be an integral part of the main conference program and will provide a constructive atmosphere for these students.

The Doctoral Forum will be a special series of sessions collocated with the main conference oral presentation and poster sessions. Students who have a paper (either a talk or a poster) in the main conference and wish to have a poster at the Doctoral Forum should register and present the thesis-related work as a stand-alone contribution. In selecting the Doctoral Forum participants, preference will be given to students who did significant work towards their thesis.

Contributions should be provided via the "Submit a paper' button; while on the submission system, select "Doctoral Forum" track

Contributions are peer-reviewed and final versions are included in the conference proceedings.

Each contribution should clearly highlight
- a summary of the dissertation research
- problem description, background, and significance
- novelty relative to the state of the art (related work and their shortcomings)
- approach, data, methods
- results obtained or estimated

The submission should follow the requirements (editorial, layout) listed in the Call for Papers of the main conference.

In general, 4-6 page contribution is expected.

Once accepted, each contribution should be individually registered, following the registration form of the main conference.

For questions or additional information, email


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