Workgoup Meeting, May 27, 2009 - Venice/Mestre, Italy
17:30 - 19:00

Attendance: 43

Everyone was impressed by the Expert panel:

  • Future Internet: Challenges in Virtualization and Federation

Agenda: no particular presentations were scheduled for this meeting, however two tutorials were preesnted at WebTel 2009:

  • From Software Radio to Cognitive Radio: the technical challenges
  • Automatic Generation of Web Interfaces from Discourse Models

as well as two keynore speeches:

  • Technology and World Culture
  • e-Infrastructures for data and compute intensive applications  [Networks, Grids, Clouds, P2P, and applications: how do they come together?]

Tutorials are posted at

Keynote speeches are posted at


  • ICIW, apart the Internet and web-based applications and web services-based systems figures special tracks on P2P, Entertainment systems, Online systems, and two specialized embedded workshops
    • VEWAeL, on Virtual environments and Web Applications for eLearning, initiated and sustained by Guadeloupe Ortiz and Matthias Ehmann, both present in Venice
    • SLAECE, on Social and Legal Aspects in Internet computing, initiated and sustained by Hideyasu Sasaki, present in Venice
  • There were discussions on re-structuring the topics for these two special tracks and identify the right target lists for potential contributors; the number of selected papers  was not at the expected level this year, even thought VEWAeL posted 4 sessions, and SLAECE 2 sessions
  • Help is expected from all the committee members for a careful dissemination of the Call for Papers, avoiding spamming
  • The promotion of young researchers was appreciated
  • More work for preparing ICIW 2010 will be done offline, with volunteers: Guadeloupe Ortiz, Hideyasu Sasaki, Mathias Ehmann, Vladimir Stancev, Jason Nurse, Eugene Myakotnykn, etc.
  • An open call to suggest regular refresh to the topics for ICIW was launched
  • Please have a look at:
    Suggestions are welcome at
  • The procedure of invitation-only for extended versions of selected papers among those presented for on-line IARIA journals, with no additional fees, was appreciated.


  • Continue with ‘Poster’ and ‘Work in Progress’ tracks
  • Definitively, the technical program committee must be tuned to reflect new topics and assure a fair peer-to-peer review process.

Special topics for further consideration:

  • It is the IARIA Board position that everybody should benefit the same access and service during the conference; some suggested to have partial services and reduced registration fees for students. A detailed discussion went on the structure of the registration fees, simply sharing with the audience where each penny goes.
  • A particular suggestion will be implemented from the next event: Student Consortium.
  • Another suggestion was to have many POPs; while feasible, the drawback is that this will split the community. A try will be prepared for the next event.

Proceeding publications:

  • The option to publish in an open digital library was discussed; this will allow having all the proceedings of the co-located events on the same CD Proceedings, and full free access to any publication.
  • This issue will be carried further on to the IARIA Board to careful attention.
  • It was suggested that some national research Centers encourage scientist to rather publish in openly searchable digital libraries.

Next steps:

  • Develop the new topics via off-line exchanges
  • Extend invitations for ICIW committee membership
  • Attract scientists in the committee to cover the newly intended areas

ICIW 2010:

  • Announce the new topics with the CfP for ICIW 2010
  • The plan is to update it accordingly for ICIW 2010
  • Location: yet to be defined, most probably in Barcelona or Valencia (Spain), or Aveiro (Portugal)
  • ICIW 2010 will be organized under WebTel 2010, most probably in May 2010

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