Workgroup Meeting, February 2nd, 2009 - Cancun, Mexico
17:30 - 19:00

Attendance: 30



  • It was question of an, then continued off-line, of either expanding ICDS or initiating a complementary event on “Digital Society, eLaw, eAnonymity, and eDemocray.”
  • Lasse Berntzen and Bernt Krohn Solvang will provide appropriate hints and links for such an event, in order to facilitate the decision
    Suggestions are welcome at

Next steps:

  • Develop the new event joint to ICDS-event, via off-line exchanges
  • Extend invitations for Advisory Board
  • Enhance relationships with EU and Governmental entities
  • Extend invitations to committee membership

ICDS 2010:

  • Announce the new topics with the CfP for ICDS 2010
  • Location: yet to be defined, most probably in Caribbean area, February-March 2010
  • Under Digital World 2010

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