Prof. Dr. Victor Raskin

Victor Raskin earned all of his degrees in Structural, Computational and Mathematical Linguistics from Moscow State University, now Moscow Lomonosov University (Ph.D., 1970; M.A./M.S., 1966, B.A./B.S., 1964), with minors in mathematical logic, computer science, and cognitive psychology. He taught in his alma mater in 1966-1973, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (full time) and Tel Aviv University (part time) in 1973-78, University of Michigan (Spring 1978), and Purdue University (since Fall 1978), where he is now Distinguished Professor of English and Linguistics; Professor of Computer Science and of Computer and Information Technology (courtesy); Co-Founder, Associate Director, and Charter Fellow, Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS), Founder and Coordinator, Natural Language Processing Laboratory. He has published 17 books and over 200 papers on natural language semantics and its applications to linguistic engineering, natural language and information processing, computational humor/social computing, natural language information assurance security, and—most recently—robotic intelligence and communication. With Dr. Taylor, he has taught a WorldComp tutorial on Ontological Semantic Technology since 2012, and he delivered a keynote address at WorldComp 2013 and several other venues. The founding Editor-in-Chief of Humor: International Journal of Humor Research (1987-99) and the first elected academic President of the International Society of Humor Studies (2000), he also co-chaired the first AAAI Fall 2012 Symposium on Artificial Intelligence of Humor.