Dr. Robert Laurini

Dr. Robert Laurini is presently Professor Emeritus at KSI, USA, and researcher at INSA, University of Lyon, France. Previously, he was Distinguish Professor at INSA in Information Technology. He is a worldly-known specialist in geographic and multimedia information systems. He wrote more than 200 refereed papers on GIS, supervised 40+ PhD’s and authored or co-authored 4 books in GIS. The last one “Geographic Knowledge Infrastructure for Territorial Intelligence and Smart Cities” will be published in Spring 2017. He spoke currently French, English, Italian and Spanish. He was researcher at the University of Cambridge (Martin Center in 76-77), visiting professor (in 86-87) at the University of Maryland, College Park, part-time professor at the IUAV University of Venice, Italy during 10 years, and 20+ times invited in universities in Latin America. During 4 years, he was head of the SIGMA, French federation of GIS laboratories. He was president of the Program Committees of more than 10 international conferences on geographic and urban information systems. Now, he is working on computing aspects in smart cities and especially about geographic knowledge engineering. He is the founder and president of “Universitaires Sans Frontières/Academics Without Borders” which is a network of university consultants for developing countries.