Dr. Richard Li

Dr. Richard Li is Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Future Networks at FutureWei USA, where he leads a senior research team to design and develop next-generation network architectures, technologies, protocols, and solutions. Richard is a fellow of International Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA), and serves as the Chairman of the ITU-T FG Network 2030, the Vice Chairman of the European ETSI ISG NGP (Next-Generation Protocols), Co-Chairs of Technical Program Committees for some ACM and IEEE conferences and workshops. Prior to joining FutureWei, he worked with Cisco and Ericsson in his various capacities in the field of networking technologies, standards, solutions and operating systems. During his career, Richard spearheaded network technology innovation and development encompassing several areas of networking such as Routing and MPLS, Mobile Backhaul, Metro and Core Networks, Data Center, Cloud and Virtualization. Richard is extremely passionate about advances in data communications, and challenges himself by solving problems in their entirety thus creating a bigger and long-term impact on the networking industry.