Philippe Owezarski

Dr. Philippe Owezarski is a full time researcher of CNRS (the French center for scientific research), working at LAAS (Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems), in Toulouse, France. He got a PhD in computer science in 1996 from Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse III. His main interests deal with high speed and multimedia networking and more specifically on IP networks monitoring, and Quality of Service and security enforcement based on measurements.

During year 2000, he spent 9 months working for Sprint ATL in Burlingame, California. There he has been working on the Sprint monitoring IPMON project, and focused mainly on actual TCP flows analysis. Back to LAAS, Philippe Owezarski has been one of the main contributors of a monitoring project in France . METROPOLIS . and has been leading a French steering group on IP networks monitoring. Now, he is contributing to the European EuQoS and E-NEXT projects related to QoS enforcement in next generation networks, and leading the French MetroSec project aiming at increasing the robustness of the Internet against DoS and DDoS attacks. He was also TPC co-chair of the first edition of CoNEXT, a conference which aims at becoming one of the largest events in networking in the world.