Prof. Dr. Petre Dini

Petre is now responsible of scientific aspects for IARIA ( and has international cooperation with Europe/USA/Asia corporations. He was a Senior Technical Leader and Principal Architect with Cisco Systems, Inc., from where he got retired in September 2009; he was responsible for policy-based strategic architectures and protocols for network management, QoS, SLA, and Performance, Programmable Networks and Services, Provisioning under QoS constraints, Wireless Networks and Protocols, and Consistent Service Manageability. He’s applied industrial research interests include instrumentation software agents, performance, scalability, autonomic computing, wireless and mobile networks, adaptive networks, and policy-related issues in adaptable networks. Until 1990 he worked as a project director on the development of various industrial applications including CAD/CAM, nuclear plant monitoring, and real-time embedded software.

From 1991 he has been involved in various Canadian projects related to object-oriented management applications for distributed systems, and to broadband services in multimedia applications, until early 1996. In 1996 he joined Computer Science Research Institute of Montreal and coordinated many projects on distributed software and management architectures. In this period he was an Adjunct Professor with McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and a Canadian representative in the European projects. Since 1998 he was with AT&T Labs, as a senior technical manager, focusing on distributed QoS, SLA, and Performance in content delivery services. He was the Chair of Policy-Based Management Work Group in Tele Management Forum, is a Rapporteur for ITU-T/SG4, and actively involved in IEEE industrial initiatives. He has been an invited speaker to many international conferences, a tutorial lecturer, chaired several international conferences, and published many technical papers. His technical and research publications are in the domains of policy-based automation of system management, system reconfiguration under QoS constraints, service interactions, pricing QoS mechanisms, mobile agents, and adaptable, programmable and active networks.

Petre received his M.Eng. from Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara, Romania, in Computer Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Montreal, Canada.

The salient awards, responsibilities, and research activities:

He is currently an Adjunct Full Professor at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

He is Adjunct Full Professor ad China Space Agency Center, Beijing, China.
Petre Dini, Ph.D., Eng.
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada