Paul S. Szymanski

Paul S. Szymanski (B.S. Physics, Mathematics & Logic ’73 – M.S. Experimental Physics, ‘74; Carnegie-Mellon University) has been conducting military operations research analyses for 44 years for the United States Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines. The last 41 years have been exclusively in outer space program analysis, management and development of space warfare theory, policy, doctrine, strategies, tactics and techniques. He has worked with the Air Staff at the Pentagon (Secretary of the Air Force), the Space and Missiles Systems Center (SMC) in Los Angeles, and the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Rome, New York, and Dayton, Ohio along with experience in operational field testing of missile systems at China Lake, California.

He currently manages a private discussion group consisting of 4,250 hand-picked members on LinkedIn with experience in Space Control and Space Situational Awareness (SSA), or at least have expressed an interest in these topics, and includes: 142 members from military colleges, 201 from private and Government thinks tanks, 68 from public universities, 28 from government intelligence agencies (including the NASIC Chief Scientist), 75 from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 63 from NATO, 39 from NORAD-USSTRATCOM, 254 General officers, Admirals or equivalents (one to four stars, including former: Secretary of the Army, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Commander of US Army in Europe, Commander of U.S. Air Force in Europe, NATO Commander, Director of the National Security Space Office, Commander of the Space and Missile Systems Center, Commander of the Air Force Special Operations Command; also current: Commander U.S. Army Europe, Commander of the U.S. Sixth Fleet, Commander of U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense, Commander of AFMC, Director of DISA, Marine Corps Commandant and now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also one former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), 104 from the Secretary of Defense office (including one former Secretary of Defense and 23 current and former Under/Assistant Secretaries of Defense), 2 former Secretaries of the Air Force, 7 Under/Assistant Secretaries of the Air Force, 9 Under/Assistant Secretaries of the Army, 3 Assistant Secretaries of the Navy, past and current Commanders of the 4th, 6th, Pacific, and Korea Naval fleets, 2 Assistant Secretaries of the Treasury, 1 from the National Military Command Center, 190 Congressional House & Senate staffers, 515 from specific military space agencies, 248 from various other military services, 36 diplomats, 55 from the State Department (including 6 Assistant Secretaries of State), 598 from various space-related defense contractors, 46 from the White House and National Security Council staffs, and 15 astronauts, among others.