Dr. Michel Riguidel

Dr. Michel Riguidel is the Head of the Department of Computer Science and Networks, at ENST (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications) in Paris, where he lectures in security and advanced networks.

His research is oriented towards security of Information Systems and Networks, architecture of communication systems (Grids, Next Generation Internet, Active, Ad hoc and configurable Networks), software radio and protocol engineering.

He created the first ITSEC E4 Firewall and has been developing watermarking technology since the early days.

He has headed-up many R&D Projects in security: watermarking, PKI, formal methods, critical infrastructure protection.

Currently, he is working on security of heterogeneous and mobile systems within Ambient Intelligence and Quantum Networks.

He is the Head of the Experts Committee in security at CNRS.

He belongs to the Executive Board of RNRT (National Network in Telecommunication Research).

In the IST Integrated Project of FP6, he is Scientific Director of the Seinit IP (Security Expert Initiative) and Key Researcher of the Secoqc Integrated Project (Development of a Global Network for Secure Communication based on Quantum Cryptography), responsible of the Network Architecture.

He is reviewer in several Grid IP Projects of FP6.

He has been publishing several papers on Security of pervasive grids.

He has several patents in security (firewall, watermarking and protecting CD ROM).

He published last year “La sécurité à l’ère numérique” (édition Hermès Lavoisier) and “Le téléphone de demain” (édition Le Pommier).