Dr. Mark M Davydov

Dr. Mark M. Davydov is an internationally recognized authority on software architecture, database management and large-scale web information systems. His groundbreaking work on portal architectures is now a checklist design feature for many enterprise portal implementations around the world. He received the Diploma of Electrical Engineer from the State Academy of Chemical Engineering in Moscow, Russia, followed by a PhD in Applied Informatics. 
Dr. Davydov has held senior IT positions at numerous leading public and private organizations, such as Bank of America, Southwestern Bell, Galileo International, and Purina, as well as adjunct positions in academia. Currently, he is performing several roles, one of which is Chief Technology Advisor to the ConnectedHealth Consortium.
Dr. Davydov has authored the book "Corporate Portals and E-Business Integration (Emerging Business Technology)" [McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 071371796, May 2001], as well as more than 100 highly acclaimed papers on SOA, Web Services, portals, and integration architecture that were published in leading industry periodicals (e.g., Intelligent Enterprise, DM Review, Wall Street & Technology, etc.) and major online resources for developers – IBM developerWorks and Oracle Technical  Network. He also was a frequent featured speaker at many international conferences (e.g., WICSA 2004, ICSOC04, ECIS 2005, WEBIST 2006, etc.)