Dr. Lina Alfantoukh

Dr.  Lina Alfantoukh is an Associate Scientist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Saudi Arabia focusing on designing healthcare AI applications and healthcare-related research including, but not limited to, detecting diseases and studying patients' follow-up patterns. She, also, works as a Lead Instructor for Data Analytics courses at General Assembly in partnership with MiSK foundation.  Her traffic congestion solution proposed by her team was nominated among the best offers to submit in the final event of STC Datathon (2019), Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Lina Alfantoukh received the B.S. Degree in Computer and Information Science from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, in 2006, and two Master of sciences one in Information Technology and the other in Computer, Information and Network Security from University of Liverpool, UK (2009) and DePaul University, USA (2012) respectively. She earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Computer and Information Science at Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis (2019). During her Ph.D. journey, she joined Networking & Security Research Group, and published several papers related to trust, decision-making, and Internet of things (IoT). Her current research interests include trust, consensus decision-making, and big data analytics.